Vampire: Fall of Memphis bug thread


I hope it isn’t presumptuous of me to create this, but I ran into a bit of a bug fairly early on in this, and there didn’t seem to be much of a dedicated thread for the new version yet. Two exist, but are apparently intended specifically for unrelated questions. So I thought I would make a new one to report such problems as are noted.

Firstly, when asked if I desire to change my feeding habits, I elected not to, and was immediately shuffled off to a scene about feeding from animals - odd, when my feeding style is on socialites. Inspecting the code, I suspect the problem here may have to do with capitalization, as my choice of prey is listed as “Socialites” capitalized, and the code appears to check for “socialites” all lower case.

The second thing I noticed is perhaps not a bug per se, but still seems a bit off. One method of gathering vessels for the Quaestor is by having a high charm; either female and charm > 2, or male and charm > 3. The text appears to be intended only for the former, however, as you’re described as “leading men (and the occasional woman) to the holding pen,” which carries a certain suggestion that doesn’t quite apply if the player character is male.


Have you noticed if you have a back nd forth with one of the sentors befor hand they act like they don’t know you at the elction


I actually thought the senator election bugged the first time where you go there to vote and and choose your standing with, against, or remain neutral with Stone. That choice is seemingly ignored. I played through and continued the story line and it and the senatorial election choices cam up again with an option of the MC going for the position, which I chose. That is where it replayed like the original and stating I need to make a choice on standing with or against Stone again, which I made a stance the first time.


@Dominic did you load a saved game when you encountered the feeding bug?



I did. It seems you’ve made some substantial revisions to the first game since that save was made, in fact, so I imagine that’s the explanation. I’m trying a new playthrough now from the beginning of act 1, which will hopefully give me a better foundation for evaluation.


I also noticed the thing about feeding; while in my sheet there’s written socialités, if I don’t change it makes me feed from animals. I also loaded a saved game with password.

Another thing (still with the same save): I noticed that if I look at the “Vampire Who’s who”, in the list of Quaestors the only name that appears is the quaestor of New Orleans (my dominus).


@Dominic you are correct. In general, I actually recommend that everyone play again from the beginning.


I put it here even if it’s a (very minor) bug in common with the first part of CoV: the “Independence” stat is shifted downwards so that now is in the same row as Superstition instead of Communalism.


@perles75 on what platform?


In the current game I’m trying, there wasn’t anything that happened with Wilson, and I went to Memphis apparently of my own accord. I still got the moment after the first caucus, though, where Quaestor Carothers asks if I’m prepared to handle him.

Indeed, Wilson seems to have quite interjected himself into the story, despite the fact that he shouldn’t be around.

I also have the ‘independence’ label shifted downward; this is on Chrome.


I had a head scratcher during one play through (not sure which save) where Wilson was either my or Samantha’s progeny and while hunting him it kept switching between his name and the name of the Irishman every few lines or so. One line it would be talking about how I’m hunting Wilson then hunting Gallagher then back and forth between the names. Very confusing when I knee I was hunting Wilson and at that point on that play through had never heard of Gallagher.


I think the scene to encounter Clotho ‘again’ is broken. From what I can tell, you only proceed to memphis_affair with

*if (avoided_new_orleans or invitation_to_hebert_ignored) and ((compassion <= 60) and speaks_english)

Which seems backwards - the first “or” there appears to be describing two conditions which would mean you did -not- encounter Clotho in New Orleans. As written, it looks like you can only meet her again if you didn’t meet her the first time.


Yes, Chrome.

Dominic, I also have the strange effect of the abrupt cut between Vicksburg and Memphis, I wrote it in another thread a couple of days ago, but it is a bug. Another guy mentioned it in another thread and Jason said he spotted a bug there (don’t know when it will be corrected though).


In the first caucus, I used my knowledge of Malloy’s maker’s heresy to scuttle her candidacy, in a manner that sounded as though it was rather final. But when the second caucus rolls around, she’s back in the running, and in fact (where I am right now) is tied with Pickering, while for some reason the other fellow hasn’t shown his face.


@dominic re: Clotho, No, that’s intended.


I dont know if this is a bug or a problem with my phone but for some reason I get an error when I try to load a save game from choice of vampire 1.


@Scrivener Can you tell me where/how you got to that problem?


well i got the free COV on my droid phone after getting it update I breezed thought the game since I already know who I build my character. After that it ask me to save the game so I made a save name then put my email in then when I try restoring the same game it kept on going to error and asking me to try again.


Ah, I see. I didn’t delve too deeply into the plot details of memphis_affair, wanting to see it for the first time in the game - I just noticed the name, and assumed it was meant to be a continuation in kind. Looking further, yes, this obviously isn’t intended for that. Sorry for the false alarm.


@Kingfisher are you trying to view the recap of V1? If so, don’t; it’s a known bug. If you’re skipping the recap, then that might be a new bug, and I need you to give me more info.