Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 1305]

Sorry, Jesse was answering the question about why he left his maker not Savannah. I don’t know if this is intentional or not but if you choose to be a English speaking slave you cannot make your own first name.

“Releasing a gutteral howl, you tear into the stranger. Pinning him against the wall, you tear into his throat, drinking deeply of his blood. He tastes absolutely delicious. Except for your maker–and then only when he made you–you have never tasted the blood of another vampire, and you find that you like it.

The stranger is growing weaker, however. If you continue to drain him, you will kill him. … Relent.”
If you drink Cecil Lynch’s blood, relent, bring him to your maker,and boast or confess to drinking his blood, you will say that you killed him when in fact your maker sent him away.

“Yes. And we will never speak of this again, you fool. If it became known that I permitted you to slay one of our kind so recklessly, we would both be put to death. Though I appreciate the enthusiasm with which you prosecute my orders, your methods need review. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, yes, and you killed one of our kind. It happens, especially with regards to the young and ill-informed. Now do you see why I have taken such pains to educate you? This stranger violated the Rule of Respect, and he attacked you when you approached him. You are young, and you overreacted. You will most likely be shriven of this sin should it ever be brought before the Governor, so do your best to put it out of your mind.”


The option to go to the village after a successful run in new orleans might be nice too. It would have a very different tone then being exiled to new orleans though

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Okay… Two things-
What is it that you need to do in order to be able to pick the choice of animals when Estafania (I think) asks you what your preference in prey is?


*Just a thought:
If you are a female character, and you choose to *do it* with Silas, will one of the new chapters involve your character becoming pregnant? I thought of this because in an earlier part of the game when you meet SIlas, he reads you a sonnet talking about someone asking his love to “reproduce” before he goes off to war in case he dies.( I asked this only to satisfy my curiosity…)


you do know you are a vampire right?

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Yes, I do. And I know how really weird that comment (my comment) probably sounded, but I have no interest in anything like that. I was just experimenting with the storyline and got curious as to what will happen, or could happen. That second part was only to satisfy my own curiosity, as I stated.

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It is already stated that your sexual organs don’t work properly being a vampire.


When you are a Choctaw and you are asked to show Samantha around after talking to Jesse, you can’t encourage or disencourage her affections towards him, but you can still feel ashamed by your part in her public humiliation.

@Bikkje Good catch!

As a Choctaw you also get to apologize later in the game to her for your “part” in her public humiliation.

One thing I don’t like was the events after Clotho’s death. She gives you a letter saying something along the lines of how your love was more powerful than death and then nothing happens. And then a psychic can do nothing about contacting her. It felt like a hope that amounted to nothing. Maybe the psychic could get in contact with Clotho if you have a high amount of something, were you can get closure with clotho’s spirit if she doesn’t make an appearance in part 2l


In Character Creation, just before you choose your name you get a random skill point asigned to you. With West - everytime you get the Technology point (your Aunt taught you to repair the watermill), it disappears the very next screen. Is this intentional or a bug?

@Kite I don’t know what the problem is there, but I have been able to reproduce the bug. I’ve written to Dan to see if he can figure out what the problem is.

I’ve only seen one or two opportunities to use the shapechanger skill in the game.

@Kite the problem has to do with the way CS handles random numbers, and how I tried to prevent power-gaming.

When you look at the Stat screen on a page with a random number, the random number is re-created when you come back from the Stat page.

However, I put something in so that you can’t go to the Stat page, and come back and just get an infinite number of random bumps. The problem is that, because of this counter-hack, if you do look at the Stat page there, you lose the random bump.

So the solution is to play the game, and not obsess over the character sheet. And no, we don’t intend to fix this bug anytime soon.

Being Choctaw and in that town you get to if you go further up the Mississippi and helping the slaves, if you accuse the people believing you to help them they addressed me like this : "For your sake, M. (surname}, I hope that the accusations prove baseless." Why did they call me (surname)?

if you accuse them of believing you helped the slaves because you are Choctaw*

@Bikkje Because you’re a landowner and a freeman. Remember, the first American Indian ‘citizens’ where in the 1830s (all American Indians became citizens in 1924, and were granted suffrage in 1948). You’re citizen status isn’t actually covered (IIRC), but if you are a citizen, or you can fake proof of citizenship, you (theoretically) have all the same rights, which include being innocent until proven guilty.

@Reapora they address me literally as $(surname).

It’s a bug. It’ll be fixed in the next update. Thank you for pointing that out.

@Bikkje Read too much into that one. :stuck_out_tongue: