Choice of Vamps- General Forrest


What is required to selected the option “Once the crowd has calmed, I seek to dispute Forrest’s propostion”?


you need a level 4 charm


Thanks. I have only been able to get my charm up to 3 in character creation; what must you do to raise it further?


when you are in Vicksburg don’t not turn Wilson let Withers do it then when you find him at her home say “I think that, since you have taken something that was mine, you owe me something in return.” and then pick “i have seen the way you hold the gaze of your servant i wish to learn the same” then your charm should be 4


i know other stuff to


Tell me the other stuff then (Thanks for your help btw)


welcome well if you pick Fernando de Villanueva e Itamaraca as your make and kill him them befriend his broodmate and pick “i wish to learn the secrets of our kind” when you get ready to and go to Vicksburg she should show you a secret sign before you leave.


I do not find the option you speak of; I killed Fernado and gave her that answer, and got us to high friendship and nothing


did u fall in love with cloth


It’s still greyed out for me and I’ve got level 4 charm. Does anyone know how to get the code for this, that would make things a lot easier than all this guesswork.


@Ajax @Solaron Whether or not Estefania gives you the secret sign has nothing to do with your charm score. To get the sign when you leave, she needs to be the vampire you decided to get to know better when you had a choice between her, your sire and Jesse. In addition, during your question and answer session with her, you need to ask her:

“What of the blood? You seem to know more about it than any other.”

and then if your rapport with her is over 50, she’ll tell you something she wouldn’t otherwise, and you’ll get to ask this question:

“Honor the blood? What do you mean?”

Then she’ll ask you if you really want to hear the truth regarding the vampiric condition, and if you answer yes, tell me, -or- ask her why the truth must be hidden followed by yes, tell me, she’ll tell you. After that she’ll give you the secret sign when you leave New Orleans.


@P_Tigras Oops I was actually talking about the general Forrest thing also I haven’t been able to actually get the secret sign without killing Fernando even when I’ve had the conversation you describe is it one of the conditions?


@Ajax Yes, you only get the secret sign from Estefania if Jessie is -not- your broodmate. One way to guarantee he isn’t is by killing your sire. (However, If you pick West or Pieter Van der Ahe for a sire than it isn’t necessary to kill your sire for Jesse not to be your brother in the blood.) That may be a bug as I don’t see why Estefania would only tell you the sign if you and Jesse aren’t related.


@Ajax @Solaron To get the “Once the crowd has calmed, I seek to dispute Forrest’s propostion” choice you need to have a hubris/discretion score of over 70. I suppose the issue is that someone who is discrete wouldn’t be likely to start an argument with an entire mob of bigoted vigilantes.


@P_Tigras I agree with the hubris score part it makes sense like you said.The Estefania thing doesn’t really make any sense though i’ll contact @jasonstevanhill and point this out to him, if it isn’t a bug I’ll ask him to explain it


It is a bug. It’ll be fixed in the next update.


@jasonstevanhill Cool!


@jasonstevanhill Sweet, perfect playthrough here I come!!!


Err… there is no such thing as a perfect playthrough. And if there is, that’s a bug.


I mean from my point of view the best playthrough I can get(i.e. with as many of the things I want for my character as possible). That being said however, my “perfect playthrough” could be another player’s worst nightmare?