Thing's you can learn from Estefania

With a minimum of fanfare, you bid your adieu to Van der Ahe and Estefania.

On your way out, however, Estefania corners you. “There is still so much for you to learn!”

“Perhaps, but it is time for me to go.”

“Here, let me show you… this is how you will find others who know the truth,” she says, making a gesture you will have to practice many times before it will seem effortless. “In their care, you may progress further in your understanding of our condition.”

“Thank you, dear Estefania. Until next we meet.”

“Until then, dear Lakota.”

You practice the secret sign as you return to your haven, hoping that some night or other it will guide you into the inner circle of the Society.

With firm resolve you book tickets on a steamer and head up the Mississippi.

Umm, I know this post was written a while ago but do you have any tips on how to get this? o:

Pick Fernando as your maker and then kill him. After maker like you a lot and then it should happen.

The necessary conditions were discussed in greater detail in a different thread.

@timmy thanks c:

@P_Tigras and sorry, I’m new member mainly looking into developing projects. I just checked out the CoV thread today ^-^;

@SkyUnderTheSea No worries. I just mentioned that because I recall having looked up the exact conditions required and writing about them in some detail. My memory however has since fogged over a bit, so I can’t just relate them again in their entirety off the top of my head, but if you dig around, you should be able to find the thread.

All I recall at this point is that due to a bug, you can’t get this with most makers unless you kill them. The author, @JasonStevanHill, was made aware of the bug and has promised to issue an update that will fix it. I’m not sure what the status of the update is at this point.

@P_Tigras thanks very much for the info! :smiley: I was just looking up a thread where bugs were talked about in detail. I think that might be it because you wrote a very detailed comment. In any case, your help is very much appreciated and hopefully an update addressing this issue is released soon. Though honestly I’d much prefer all focus going towards CoV2, haha xD

@SkyUnderTheSea You’re welcome. And if the thread you’re talking about is the “Choice of Vamps- General Forrest” thread, then that’s the one. (I looked it up.)

Regarding CoV2, I know what you mean. I’m looking forward to it too.

@P_Tigras yes, that’s the one c:

and indeed. I’m anxious to see what happens with your lost romance, if you chose to have one that is, and this blood secret going on with Estafania is very intriguing as well ^-^

I have a question. How do you feed from animals?