This must sound so stupid - how do I get to the 'Fall of Memphis'?!


I have used every method I can think of, but I can’t get to the third chapter. I am fairly new – please could I have a little help here? :frowning:
The only explanation is I’m doing something very wrong… I can’t wait to play part 2


Its not out yet. The beta test has finished.


It should be out on friday




It’s already out on ios? xD


I have a kindle fire

And I just can’t get Choicescript!


Its out on the kindle fire


At the end of my game it says “play the fall of Memphis now” but whenever I click it it goes to my browser and asks for my user and pass, which I must say keeps saying I have it wrong which annoys me, a lot!


It does that to me at the end of CoV as well. I’m not entirely sure what username and password it’s asking for, either. :-?

I had to go into the separate Fall of Memphis app, which let me retrieve the savegame at the start.


I have a regular kindle, am I still able to get the game, because Amazon won’t let me?


@Flyingpigz yes