NOLA Is Burning Achievements Help

I’ve gotten most of the big achievements. I’ve become a crusader, a cyborg, a dragon, a demon, and an avatar of the loa. I’ve become boss of NOLA, fled to Mexico, been made a demonic bureaucrat, and been sent to Purgatory. I’ve even saved the Sandwich Man and been saved by Father Confessor’s redbirds (but don’t ask me how I did that second one, I’ve never been able to do it twice). But there are a few that I not only haven’t done but have no idea how to go about doing:

How do I become a brick or start a retirement home for the mob?

How do I meet a group of forest demons, let alone recruit them?

How do I get saved by the Good Book? (I assume this refers to the Bible with the block of silver in it that Father Confessor gives you; I’ve received it a couple times but never actually used it.)

How do I kill both the Bull and L? (In my experience, the only way for the Bull to die is if L sides with you…and then you can’t kill them.)

How do I make eight deals in one night? (I think my max is five: the contract to kill the Pitt, impressing the Dragon, either getting the purple bag from Auntie Ezma or getting the Bible from Father Confessor, becoming an informant for the cops, and agreeing to save the Silent Cop’s family. You can’t even make a deal with Jane the Demon unless you avoid all other other deals that could save you.)

IIRC (it’s been a long time):

Becoming a brick means that you got sent to hell, came back, and then died/failed. Your eternal punishment is becoming a paving stone in hell.

The Forest Demons are a gift from the Dragon.

You have to get the Good Book first, but probably be wounded enough that when the sniper shoots, its what saves you.

The retirement home has to do with your money situation if you stay in NOLA.

I hope that helps.

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