Pendragon Rising Achievements

Hello all. I recently purchased Pendragon Rising on Steam. I greatly enjoyed it. It has that old school “choose your own adventure” feeling to it. After my initial play-through, I have been attempting to discover new reactions and take different decisions to see new outcomes. I have also been attempting to collect all of the available achievements associated with the game.

I have 6 left that I am struggling to find.

Is there an achievement guide somewhere I have not discovered?

Or if not, does anyone know how to best achieve the following:

Forger of Nations
Walk on Water
Safe from Wolves

Any insight on how to achieve them would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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Orator: You’ve got to talk too much. Play a leader type and play to your strengths every time you get to make a speech. The pre-Baddon speech in particular needs to be done in perfect accordance with your stats.

Champion: Personally charge into battle at every chance. BARBARIAN RAAAR!

Forger of Nations: You need all allies.

Torn: Flirt with both Morgan and Gawain, then have a convo with Morgan and pick her or Gawain.

Walk on Water: Where do you cross water? Might want Morgan’s help there.

Safe from Wolves: Save the villagers in the religious fanatic’s scenario.


Thank you. Due to your advice, I have picked up two more achievements, Champion and Safe from Wolves.

For Torn, when do you talk to Morgan again for the decision point of choosing her or Gawain?

Forger of Nations, I swear I am gaining all available allies but I must be missing one. Any ideas which I might be missing perhaps?

I am going to work on the orator achievement next. I think being a better speaker will also help me with gaining Walk on Water.


Torn: That’s Lot’s chapter.

Forger of Nations: Probably Dyfrig and the Sons of Christ - you need to be a skilled leader and use Emrys to get him. Other than that, you are clearly introduced to every kingdom you need to ally with, finishing with Dyfed.

And no, speaking won’t help you walk on water - you need Morgan’s approval to get her to help you to the island. Be pagan and remember to sex her up.

I received Walk on Water.

I only have the three achievements left.

Torn, Orator, and Forger of Nations. I am definitely struggling with them. I think I get close but not there yet.


Ah ha! Finally.

I only have Forger of Nations left to complete. Again, thanks for the advice on how to achieve it.


Did it.

Thanks all.


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Huh didn’t even realize gaia was a RO. Is she a RO for arta as well? How about Emrys?

Wait how exactly does the person save the village from the religious fanatic? Do I have to pretend to be on Deryn’s side or what? What are the stats for that?

Does anyone know how to get the achievement in where you gather all allies? Or least point me in the right direction?

You have to get the support of every king and of the religious fanatics . Is there a particular one that you are having trouble with?

Pretty much all of them because every time I play, I can only get one or two. Thanks for responding.

Would someone know how to get
Orator: Give heart to the Britons with inspirational speeches.
Warlord: Decisively win every battle.
A Beginning: A new start for Britain.
And can you tell me the hidden achievements

Hi I hope you still remember the story is there any way to make morgen the character,s wife I mean all I try ,she goes back to isle and …I have one more problem in the end some people comes to the shore of the kingdom right are they enemies …Is there any continuation part