Pendragon RO Help?

I am aware that there are ROs outside of Morgan in this game (I think), but I’m not sure how to ‘get’ them, if that makes sense? I’ve done at least five runs trying to get Emrys, for example. Any tips?

I’m not sure if Emrys is one, but Gawain/Yvainne definetly is. Just be nice and act interested around them. Oh, and don’t pick ruthless actions, I think that does the trick.


Thank you for the help! I saw it mentioned in another thread that Emrys was an option: Pendragon Rising

But I’m not sure how reliable that is, honestly. ;u;

The romance with Emrys/Eleri is subtle, and isn’t explicitly consummated. If you’re not romantically linked to either Morgan or Gawain/Yvaine and you have a good relationship with Emrys, you get a scene at Lot/Lotta’s castle where you see Emrys studying the stars, and you can start the romance by saying: “So you were…casting your fate and mine, together? That’s…interesting.”

If either you or Morgan is pregnant and you’re romantically linked to Emrys (which is only possible if you have a low relationship with Morgan, so that you “break up” in chapter 6 and then show interest in Emrys in chapter 7), then Morgan wants to talk about the child’s future with both you and Emrys in chapter 10. Emrys supposes that Morgan had noticed the looks you and Emrys were giving each other, and then you can express your love for Emrys. This is a relatively difficult scene to reach. Even without reaching it, however, you can get few moments in the later chapters where Emrys expresses (at least) affection for you. In chapter 11, for example, Emrys can kiss your hand or have his/her hand rest “lightly at the small of your back.”


Ohh, that makes a lot of sense, actually. Thank you for the explanation!

Is there a ways to gain Cai as a romance option? I played through the game with that idea in mind but didn’t found an available pathway. I was wondering if it were not possible due to the supposed ‘brotherly’ relationship, or whether there is a specific means to achieve it.

I tried to romance him a couple times and wasn’t able to - he’s probably not an option? (Which is strange, since he shows up on some of the options that let you spend time with the other ROs).

Rather strange. Maybe the author didn’t know what to do with him… but either way, I guess it matters not now. Thanks for the reply, at least. :slight_smile: