The last wizard Romance

How do you romance Revin? I ve been trying for three playthroughs and can not get it.

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To romance the Thief: ask them to dance (relationship status check, I think), take them with you during your travel, the rest is easy.
Since we are on topic romance: can someone give me advice for the older royal sibling, plaese?

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Do not get forceful at all with the older sibling, walk with them when they leave the festival, be polite and gentle and side with them, also when they talk about the cost of the festival, either have high intelligence to explain the cost of it, or high charm(charisma) to say the funny line about reminding them who the Queen/King is. Other than that always take the gentle approach, kiss softly or talk never be passionate or forceful. @Rinnegato

As to Revin, make sure you take their side whenever possible, be okay with their thieving ways, take them with you, and at the farm house when they steal, be okay with it. after that it is easy. If they are about 70% approval rating when you ask them to go with you to Burkk, then you should be golden. Share your drink with them and dance with them, probably best to be agile as well. @SarcasticWitchT

I played it again and is still cant romance him. Idk what I m doing wrong.

Is there a guide on how to romance everyone I’m really bad at it

Really the only two that are hard to romance are Destin/Destiny and Meadan/Meadow. That is because you don’t dance with them to get to the romance.

For Revin/Ravin: show them respect and don’t be afraid to get yourself a little dirty(I mean larcenous, and sneaky) then dance with them, and take them with you to Burkk.

For Jasper/Jasmine: Easy, play up to their vanity, and encourage them to leave the life of a soldier behind, then dance with them, and don’t I repeat, don’t try to make it exclusive.

For Mel/Melanie: Compliment their intellect, and when they are questioning their faith choose my world doesn’t have magic but, and then at the festival interfere and give them a chance to regroup.

For Gary/Gertie: Praise their hard work and integrity, be drinking buddies and keep telling them they deserve better. Dance with them

For Adam/Ada: Don’t profess your feelings for her, just go along and then tell her how strong she is. Dance with them, and if not King/Queen take them with you to Burkk

For all but the first two I mention, dance with them at the fesitval, and take them with you to Burkk unless they are the King/Queen Other than that just play into their personalities.


I think for Jasmine, we need to tell her that we need to be exclusive, inform her we won’t allow she be involved with other person, Jasmine is not as straight forward as you think especially in the end chapter :slight_smile:

I ended up in the 3 way relationship with her and her friend and lived happily ever after.

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Well , for me… Jasmine said she never cheated on me , and it was just me and her :slight_smile:

Interesting, then her romance is easily the most interesting and now I see why people are voting it that way.

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Yeah …in the end chapter I chose to say something like accusing her to cheat on me, she was angry and didn’t see me for two days, then finally she came crying and told me she actually never cheated on me and she want to be with me in the final hours :slight_smile:

i think in the scene of meeting the village girl when Jasmine tried to sneak up to her, tell Jasmine don’t go , this will ensure she follow the chaste part

Thank you for the help so for Destiny I just play to her personality and what about meadow

The big things with Meadow, are helping her at the robbery scene, go with her, and say catch the thieves. Then obviously when investigating the termite issue, don’t accuse her of being the spy, actually I usually just tell her the truth. At the festival, when you approach her to dance instead ask to join them, offer to help her with business plan and talk about the money she will make. After that just make sure you take her with you to Burkk. High intellect is also probably the stat to use with her followed by charisma.

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I did all of the above, but didn’t get a chance to be ok with the thieving at the farmhouse. Gary took over. I had between 75 and 83% Revin, finished 2 playthroughs and never got a chance. I had high charm, agility and cerebral. The priest/ess and Jasper were crazy easy, but I want my thief!

I did stumble across one stupid thing I did which ruined chances for that romance- don’t get so drunk (especially if you got a prize bottle of ice wine) that you pass out and can’t ask anyone to dance!
I’m slowly starting to mark the effects of every choice I can, but I have managed the peace achievement. So I might help there?

It was Jasper (M) for me, and that was a very satisfying ending… my own little sandwich. Made me stay in their world!

How can I romance Destiny? Do I take her hand when we are in the garden?

Don’t remember the specifics, but always take the gentle approach, don’t surprise her with a kiss or anything like that. When walking away from the the festival, I think just walk with her is the best choice if I am remembering correctly. It has been a while.

Is the text different depending on the gender of your romantic interest? For example, is Adam’s romance in any way different from Ada’s

The only changes I saw due to gender were pronouns and descriptions, personalities are the same no matter the gender.