Gilded Rails hints

how do I marry Rochester? I am finding it a little bit confusing.


How do you marry anyone? I went on a proposal spree and got nowhere.


I had tried as well… unfortunately only the neighbour childhood friend was available for marriage

you will meet her in the first soiree , talk to her… and your father should invite her for dinner later on, talk to her after dinner, and i think you can propose to her after that… else towards the last chapter , go to her house and propose marriage to this childhood friend again should be alright… I didn’t manage to propose to any other RO even though i tried to raise their relationship stat as high as possible


Upon reading the code, I know it is possible but quite hard when I was doing the beta testing. I requested if they could balance the stats but I haven’t come back to check if they balance it out.

The childhood friend was quite easy but for the others, I have yet to be successful.


How do you get Isabelle romantic and business above 50? She just seem too hate everything I say. Either it drops or no change.


You can’t marry her I think. She doesn’t like you romantically, and for business purposes she says yes at first but then there’s a scandal for your company so she breaks it off.

you can only marry her with the business route but no matter what she will always hate you.

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She’ll break it off though.

IFor Fannie,

Meet her at the soirée, attend Elkorn (sp?) and talk to her again. As her career and description suggest, you’ll want to choose responses that show you’re serious about integrity (as well as having higher integrity yourself in stats). After the railroad accident, if you mention appealing for government assistance, you can meet with her personally. If you do this and choose the greeting option that mentions your appearance, you can have a Romantic/Business stat with her of at least 59/64. As for my character’s build, I had relatively high business appeal, insight, and gravitas.

Does anyone perhaps have an idea of how to avoid having Primrose writing an article about you being corrupt?

It’s true that none of my runs have maximized the business, but I never made any sort of corrupt dealings either. In fact, I’ve even gotten that article when I informed on Temperance . I’m also curious about the protagonist’s father still denying my character the title of president, but I’m guessing the two issues are tied together.


But did you manage to propose marriage to Fannie where she accepted ? I manage to raise relationship stats with Victoria, Diane and Fannie to about 60 ++ , but when i propose marriage to them, all of them rejected nontheless :slight_smile:


I married Victoria and Diane first. Now gonna try Rosalie.


Isabelle didn’t break up with me tho

She broke it off because of that scandal for me. What did you do? Also is it even worth it for her?

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Which scandal are you talking? The train derailment? And no, it wasn’t worth it. she hate you not matter what.

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No the reporter keeps writing some bad piece on me for some reason. Doesn’t matter since it’s not worth for her anyway.

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She accepted the proposal which was actually a romantic proposal, and romantic appeal at the time was barely above fifty (~52) while my Fannie-specific romance stat was 59 (though my business appeal and business “alliance” stats were both significantly higher). So if you’re having issues while at 60, maybe it’s a problem of your integrity stat or perhaps an issue with any corrupt dealings you may have made?


How did you marry Victoria ? Business or romantic proposal ?

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Romantic proposal for Victoria and Diane.

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is it even possible to raise anyone above 60? i tried and i can’t seem to get anyone to accept a proposal.


It’s definitely possible. I’ve mentioned I’ve done so with Fannie, and now I’ve also done so with Victoria.

I haven’t looked at the code or anything, and I haven’t played around with enough builds to say for certain, but I believe your own personal Business Appeal and Romance Appel stats factor in, so let those be your guide when you’re trying to decide whether to do a business proposal or romantic proposal.

Of course, you’ll also want to factor in how decisions made while running the company may affect things. For example, I wouldn’t try to propose to Frannie in a playthrough wherein I was anything but above board (even though I’m still not certain what triggers Primrose’s corruption article). It may be possible to do so, but it certainly wouldn’t be easy if so.

Was there anything specific you wanted to know?