Gilded Rails hints


Hey can someone help me out with Floyd? I can’t seem to figure out how to rase my relationship state with him for the life of me


Thank you everyone for your hints and guides.

Does anyone know how to marry Janice Stanikopolos? It’s the only one I want and cannot get it . :frowning:


ive been trying to marry the socialite protege and the critic but uhhh stuff happens when i try to raise affection for the first and the second just seems to hate my characters’ guts no matter what i do.

since i’ve posted previously i have managed to marry the childhood friend, but only as a last resort 8’( but yes any help would be appreciated!


How do you romance Temperance or Primrose? I’ve gotten so close on some playthroughs, and on others they just hate my guts.


For Primrose/Preston Lessing,

When meeting Lessing, smile back select the option that mentions you’d rather be judged by your words rather than your grip. During the interview, you’ll want to be truthful and make certain that whatever you told Julius is in line with what you pass on to Lessing. I chose the option that elected to change the industry by example. By the end of the interview, you should have a Romance/Business stat with her of 55/65.

You get another chance to meet her at the Elkorn. Because I spoke to no one who was at the soirée that showed up at the Elkorn, she approached me, and I elected to note that she likely showed up for the same reason. By the end, there was no stat change.

If you choose to go for a walk later when Benson approaches you, you’ll run into Lessing again. Meet her head on or note that the situation is more serious. If you have high charm or Romance Appeal, you possibly could choose to get to know her as a person better, but reflecting silently will be a safe choice that doesn’t lose you any points.

Finally, when you go to propose, note that’s shes eavesdropping, observe she’s being too cavalier, and then the option concerning learning from the experience. By this point, both stats should be at least over sixty, and either proposal should work.

For reference these were my stats upon her first interview, the general proportions and ratios remained the same (the highest stats remained the highest and the lowest stayed the lowest, though some did increase):
General: (55/59/63/41)
Appeal: (45/55)
Personality: Int/Wit (59/63)

If you follow the guide and still have trouble, try tinkering with your own stats because the success of certain options relies on them.

@No_This_Is_Patrick had some success with Diane Worthington. Perhaps they’d have some tips for you. If not, I’ll likely try again and post some advice for Worthington as wel.

@Kungfuboom, if you’ll go a bit further up the thread, you’ll see where I started a post about Frannie, which is Floyd Thompson’s name should you choose wife instead of husband. The part that’s been wrapped in the spoiler effect should help you out.

If no one noticed, at the very beginning, the options “Maybe?” and “Nope.” mention possible helping the player out. I haven’t played through with these, but if you’re having trouble perhaps you should try them out?


can I buy another railroad if yes how?


only as a finale mention. when it comes to the railroad tycoon simulator the game becomes lacking.


This was some great information, thank you.

Is Janice Stanikopolos even possible? Any idea? Anyone?


Has anyone managed to marry Evans (the Post’s society page reporter) ?

@sashahart About Janice, I have not tried, but I think you should have a pragmatic approach - not a romantic one. Also, you may need to follow her ideology


It is possible to romance Stanikopolos. I can’t say I really had the ideal route by following this path, but this character was successfully wed to Stanikopolos.

So for J. Stanikopolos, this is what I did (see my previous post for the stats necessary):

Before I even met her, it should be noted that this character selected the options when talking to Julius and Lessing that had the character commit to making the business one that was good for its employees, as well as making choices that reflected that decision throughout the game. This is in line with Stanikopolos’s ideology, and I believe they will comment on it if you have this reputation.

Meet with her at soirée and jump into the conversation at an opportune time. When she makes an accusation, firmly deny (last option), and then during the next choice, agree with her. Ask to join the Reformists. At this point, you should have stats around 50/62 with J.

The next encounter with her comes by invitation. For this, I passed on my hat and introduced myself to the youth. I lost points with J by speaking in favor or against, so I chose the option that approves of their support of Betty but remained silent. Following this method should translate to no approval loss.

Finally, when going to propose, dive in and make the business proposal. After she accepts, inform her of the date set by your father (second option).

Should you be called out by press and come into conflict with J, sit down when confronting her and then explain the nuance of the situation.

During one of the two last encounters, I lost two approval points, so if you see that her business approval has decreased to 59, don’t worry — you should still be all set.


You are very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I shall try it.

@Formuga Thank you for your input as well.


Is this more of a dating simulator or a business tycoon game with dating simulator elements? I was hoping for a tycoon game where you have to outmaneuver other business and have the romance be a side thing (even though it’s important) but based on this thread it doesn’t really seem like that.


How does one utilize the railroad management without going into debt?


The biggest thing to pay attention to is your revenue versus expenditures per month. The more your expenditures outweigh your revenue, the more likely you are to go into debt. For example, let’s say you start off with revenue of 3000 and expenditures of 3000. However, you purchase some upgrades so now your expenditures total 5000 and your revenue only totals 3000(3000 - 5000), you’re adding 2000 to your debt.

However, you also have cash on hand. So assuming you have 3000 on hand, that -2000 difference from before will be applied. That means on base, you’ll be losing money, but the cash on hand acts as a cushion — you’ll still have 1000 at the end of the cycle(3000-2000).

This gives you some wiggle room, if you think improvements (upgraded engines, expanded warehouse, renovated cars, etc.) will increase your revenue or decrease you expenditures in the long term, you can risk losing a little for a cycle or two. For example, say your upgrades from earlier were for an expanded warehouse and upgraded engines. Once completed, the warehouse knocks your original 3000 in expenditures to 2700, and the engines increase revenue to 3500. So that’s 800 (3500-2700) per cycle you’re making upon completion.

But going on even further, say you ran some ad campaigns over the month too and earned some new customers. And of course, for some upgrades, the fact that you’re upgrading at all attracts more business by itself. So all this attention brings your revenue up to 3700, meaning you’re earning 1000 a month whereas at the beginning you were just breaking even.

Of course, you can also adjust internal policy and control where your money is going — maybe you want to increase spending on services your customers so you’ll keep business and attract more. Or maybe you think spending money on philanthropy is a waste of resources and you reduced spending on that.

And if you’re feeling lucky or really know what you’re doing, you can borrow money to fund your ventures on the chance that you’ll come out ahead.

Oh yeah, and be careful how you manage relationship with other characters because their perception of you can affect your business.

tldr; Try not to rack up monthly expenditures greater than your revenue; if you do go over, remember you have on hand money to pad you; don’t underestimate the value of advertising your business or how much upgrades will improve business; use internal policies for damage control or extra incentive (watch out for strikes).


How do you marry david/dianne? I keep killing them <///3


If i am not mistaken you can’t talk to them in one of Victoria’s event , i think it is the 2nd event after the first soiree, if you talk to Diane/David , they will be convinced to board your train , and the accident will kill them … That was one of weirdest occasion when our goodwill kill an RO

I didn’t manage to marry her too, even if this RO survive… if you know how to read the code , perhaps it will be easier …


I know this is irrelevant to the topic, but is this game actually worth it? I know it has like 11 romance options but is the storytelling any good? Also, are any of the characters interesting in any way?


to be honest… I found it a bit lacking on certain aspects. I was more interested in the railroad part o the game but that went nowhere. (a little bit on the short side too) (@Zahid_Uddin1 if you want good character interaction that is not just 1 or 2 short meetings, I would recommend you The wayhaven chronicles)


Average playthrough length is 38,000 words. It’s longer than average.


Eh, if you liked the demo, then I imagine you will enjoy the full thing. It is fairly lacklustre, you only get to speak to the RO’s from anywhere between two to four times before you marry them and you definitely have to prioritise, I couldn’t be super close to my dad, be a awesome president and be a socialite all in one playthrough.

I would say that the characters are interesting but like I said, you only speak to them a handful of times.

I did enjoy the storytelling more than the romance but the game actually felt quite short to me, I don’t know if it was because I was too broad with my goals or what but I was a little disappointed when it ended.

As @Bloodraven said below, none of the interactions felt very natural. I married Victor for love after talking and disagreeing with him on theatre, child labor and attending his castle. It was okay but I didn’t actually connect with him or care about him.