Life of a wizard princess


Hi guys I’m playing Life of a Wizard and I was wondering if anybody knows how to date or marry Princess Emily??? Please help


I think you need high charisma and then approach her in the elven kingdom


I’ve had high charisma and flirted with her in the kingdom, I even slept with her when I brought her to the elves. It always says I wonder what would’ve happened if I had stayed with her but I can’t figure out how to!


You can’t marry or date her. You can have a night with her but that’s as far as the relationship goes. It’s because she is a major plot device later in the game.


Interesting! How do you achieve the Royal Blood then? That requires you to parent an heir to the throne right?


Indeed. There’s two ways to do it:

As a male wizard, sleep with Princess Emily.
As a female wizard, sleep with King batshit insane.

Once you have the choice on who to kill in the throne room, if you slept with the Princess then kill the king. If you slept with the king, kill the royal wizard.

And voila! Your child is now king.


Fantastic! Thank you for the help I appreciate it very much. The whole time I thought I was doing something wrong because it always says that I wonder what things would’ve been like had I stayed with her. I thought I was completely missing the option to stay with her haha. Thanks again!