Guides for all games?

This is where you can find the romance guide for Unnatural:

@Cecilia_Rosewood Wrong thread. You want the Unnatural ROMANCE PAINS thread.

Right thread (just interpreted the question incorrectly :sheep: Now, how to cover up that slip-up? :confounded:)

*Cough. I figured that since we were discussing how scattered across the forum (and internet) the various guides for games are, we might as well post links to them in this thread.

(How is that for a cover-up? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Now that I’m at it anyway, here is the achievement guide for Samurai of Hyuga


The Heros Rise series and So, You’re Possessed! both have guides on their FB pages.

Choice of Robots and a few others seem to be scattered in individual posts across the forum when you search for them (but one CoR achievement list can be found here), so I can see how that might make finding what you need a little more difficult.

Does anyone happen to know where I can find a pendragon rising guide? Or even just the achievement guide?

This is the closest thing I could dig up.

@Cecilia_Rosewood thanks

I was just thinking it would be easier to have them all in one spot

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I like this idea, to have all the walkthroughs in one plase.

Hmm yes it seems like a very poll worthy topic I find it very interesting but also realize that it takes away from the fun for me being able to look up the answers on how to do things in the games so personally I would choose to have that thread be closed access so that random members don’t accidentally stumble upon it which would be pretty easy to get into just ask for entrance if you want to use if we had a thread like what this thread suggests I think that would be the best option

Any thoughts, @jasonstevanhill, @dfabulich?

The short answer is: we don’t believe in walkthroughs.


See, they don’t exist.


@jasonstevanhill But people will still tell other people on the forum how to get certain achievements or bypass a stat check, but since they are scattered across the forum it’s hard to find them. So wouldn’t a tips for games sections be good for everyone?

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The thing is, @jasonstevanhill the guides are still on here and people still use them. I think it would be easier if there was a place for them, so the people who want them could get them.

I was thinking it would be its own genre, along with the wip and others, precisely for that reason.

We’ve added a “Hints” category to the forums.

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So, we now have a Hints category.

I want to express a little philosophical opposition and displeasure about this. (Nota bene: this is something Jason and I agreed to do, so I’m not airing some private disagreement.)

I think not a small amount of the pleasure of playing one of our games derives from the fact that there aren’t hints in the game itself, that there isn’t a back/undo button, and there aren’t walkthroughs provided by the company. And perhaps most importantly, because a good amount of our game design philosophy relies on the fact that no option is the “right” choice and there aren’t any wrong choices. I can’t tell you how often I give an editorial note to an author saying “You’ve created an unbalanced choice.” It’s absolutely a key point we work on from an editorial perspective. For these reasons, Hints, Walkthroughs, and Achievement-chasing undermines the joy of the games, to me. In fact, a hint is basically anathema to me. Our games are supposed to reward replaying, and despite a few examples of very linear games, they absolutely do reward replaying.

Now, this may be a philosophical difference that arises because I work on the games we publish. But. I think it also arises to a certain extent because there is a very delightful (to me) tension between the words “game” and “novel” in the end-product. I think focusing on things in the game that require hints loses sight of both the intricacy that goes into, and pleasure of how we intend them to be enjoyed in terms of what we publish. That last clause is the rub, of course; you don’t get to decide how people enjoy or interpret what you create. So, at last, a Hints category. We’ll see how it goes.


Very interesting. Personally, I don’t give hints or walkthrus to my games. But this is more due to the fact that I’d rather spend my time writing the next game than helping someone with an old one. :slight_smile: Also, I find that my fans are better at playing my games than I am! I have millions of lines of code in my head from all my games, including unfinished games and paths that got removed before publication. I’d need a hint book to get certain endings in my own works at this point!

I’ve actually sent a few people to these forums for help, since I don’t want to do it. This is why I’m the only person with the very pretigious Campaigner Badge, by the way. :slight_smile:

As for the philosophical debate, I am 100% against the idea of a back button and I think people need to play the game as a story for the first several playthrus, but after that, I think it’s wonderful for people to discuss what they’ve found and share their experiences. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your input. I totally understand where you are coming from. I personally wouldn’t use the hints a lot, but seeing the different achievement guides and walkthroughs scattered around the forum, I thought it might be best if there was a specific section for that. This way, you have to go looking for them in a section, and not accidentally stumble across one.

Well but this really just creates a new issue, in a way . . . because those asked and answered questions, those bits of historical knowledge, do reside in threads all over the forum. So I’m not sure what this section is going to look like and how much chaos it may or may not create as new users come here and start posting questions like “How do I get a mate in Dragon?” under Hints. The fact that people do or don’t search for information for posting is another issue that we’re talking about in other threads. My feeling is I want everyone to be civil, and I worry about the Hints category getting used properly in this regard.