Game guides - what do you want?

When looking for guides for choicescript games what do you want? How detailed do you want them?

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When you say game guides… You mean like walkthroughs or choicescript coding guides?


Walkthroughs and achievement guides etc


Oooooh, good question!

I suppose I would like a walkthrough on how to romance a certain character. lol Every time I replay Dragon Age: Origins I also boot up the the wiki page for Alistair’s dialogue options at this point I have them memorized lmaooo, but of course I don’t think such a detailed breakdown is required in most CS games!

DA never tells you how high your relationship stat needs to be to do stuff, if anything, so such a detailed guide is pretty darn useful, but CS games are simply not that complex in terms of relationships, and it’s very very simple for an author to tell you, “Anything above 70% is considered a relationship, and 90+% is adoration levels!”

So, I figure it would be easier for a CS writer to just give that number as a goal along the type of responses and values a RO is more likely to appreciate, as well as any specific choices that may lock you out entirely—basically it’s a soft walkthrough that leaves the details up to the player.

I think the same can be said of achievement walkthroughs, though for this I figure people would be way more into having a more detailed guide. I’m not sure, I figure I woupd be happy with a, “Don’t kill kids and be nice and you should receive that achievement no problem!” but not everyone will, so take it with a grain of salt, lol.

Hmm, there’s more to my thoughts than this but for the life of me I can’t put them to words. I’m just gonna kick back and hopefully someone says something that jogs my brain. :heart:


usually it depends on the length of the game the longer the game the more detailed the walkthrough

People always wanna know how to get the less-common outcomes.


Mostly any hard to get achievement. For the lulz.

I turn to guides for things like:

  1. which paths I need to take to get X achievement, especially the harder to get achievement

  2. which paths I need to take to save someone from dying or is it even possible to save them?

  3. which paths I need to take to romance someone and if it’s even possible to romance them

  4. I’d want to know how many possible endings and how to get to them

  5. any Easter eggs or something hidden/unlock-able