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Well, simply I’m currently working on learning choicescript and fiddling around with it as I go. I’ve learned some of the basics and I’m currently working on moving to more advanced stuff(advanced for me) and just happened to start wondering what kind of content and/or features do you like to see in games and/or want to see in future games?


Personally, I feel that music, illustrations, fancy layouts (i.e. the text, buttons and background are different colors, cool fonts), and achievements add more flavor. I’d also recommend that your choices have effect, to boost the replayability.


Have a skim through the forums. There’s a number of other threads on the same subject. It’s better to just make whatever you want to make though, there will be an audience for it regardless.


Well, I also wanted to talk about, but it didn’t feel right to hijack a thread.

Anyway… As a player, how would it feel to be able to read the profile and personality of the MC you build up based from previous choices you made?


Can you give an example?


I’m working on a test demo right now as I go and learn… How I plan to do it is use personality traits and your choices can affect them. Say that you have 5 “mean” points and 5 “kind” point. Then you kick a cart over that had someone’s goods. You’d get a “mean” point and lose a “kind” point and in your profile it says “You kind of tend to be more on the mean side of things, but sometimes you can be kind.” instead of the 50/50 “Sometimes you’re kind, sometimes not. Maybe it depends on if you got up on the right side of bed or not!”

Along those lines.


I like that. It’s put into the narrative, instead of

Are you mean, nice, or neither?


Okay, as for the traits, I was thinking of opposing them to another like this(they won’t be showing up in the stats screen except for testing purposes):

Personality Traits

  1. Amiable - Aggressive
  2. Blunt - Funny
  3. Kind - Mean
  4. Hotheaded - Reserved
  5. Shy - Outgoing
  6. Worker - Lazy
  7. Brave - Coward
  8. Flexible - Stubborn
  9. Competitive - Meek

If anyone has any thoughts on it, feel free to share! I’ll welcome any input.


I like it! It covers a lot of different character types.


@Outrageous I think there’s too many traits. I also think that there’s a clear good vs bad thing going on there. You’d be better with traits where both ends are as appealing.

So Amiable vs Independent. At one end you’re good at making friends, and you tend to rely on other people to assist with what you’re doing. On the other you’re the lone wolf, who goes it alone, and can always work their way out of a fix without needing to phone a friend.

Blunt can be funny sometimes. I’d say, well Blunt, as in someone who gets straight to the point, who tells it like it is, vs someone who talks in circles, will use ten words where one will suffice, who’ll maybe not always be truthful. So Glib maybe?

Kind vs Mean, maybe instead of mean something that represents a certain amount of ego and self-centredness. Where on one end you have someone who takes care of themselves first and foremost, but in a way that’s focussed more on self-preservation. Who looks out for number one. Whereas on the other end you’ve someone who goes out of their way to help others, even if it means putting themselves in danger, and risking themselves.

Brave vs Coward. Again. I’d say this could instead fall into the whole charging without thinking into dangerous situations vs having a sense of self-preservation. I wouldn’t phrase it as coward. Cautious perhaps.

Flexible, well the opposite to that can be someone who stands their ground and refuses to be swayed. Who has conviction in what they’re doing and won’t compromise. That’s not always a bad thing either.

I’d say there’s cross-over in all of them. Examine everything, see if you can put a positive spin on it. If you can make a few stats that are clearly defined and fun to be on one end or the other, with neither seeming bad.

Also no reason not to have them show up on the stat screen. People like having visible stats.