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I have been trying to figure out how to get through the game to get Eight Legs, No Heart, but I can’t seem to get it no matter what I do, any hints in that regard would as of such be appreciated, same goes for most of the other achievements for that matter as I seem to get shoehorned into the same path no matter what I do otherwise, for one reason or another.


Probably the best advice for achievement hunters is to make a note of your stats before you make a choice, and after you make a choice, to see if anything changed.

This way when you replay the game you will have a detailed list of what you’ve done so you can try something different.

Shouldn’t you have posted this in the Avatar of the Wolf topic?

They are asking for hints; a thread here seems reasonable to me; a bug report or simple review post belongs there, sure but hints do have their separate category.

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Oh okay! My apologies.

First of all, I suggest you understand the stats so you’ll be able to predict how choices affect them: the skill stats, that determine the methods you use to solve problems (ritual for magicky stuff, survival for tracking in the wilderness etc’) and the personality stats, that determine how you interact and perceived by others as well as your path. It seems to me you don’t need a very high score in these skills to pass most checks, so feel free to experiment with different skills for variety and RPing.

Now, the personality stats are relatively straightforward: action for those who rush in without wasting time on philosophy and consequences, and deliberation those who prefer patience and consideration before they act, selfishness for those interested in their own wants and care nothing for the world and equity for those more invested in morals and the well beings of others. So if you choose to help and old man with no compensation, your equity will increase, or if you refuse to ponder on your god’s death and rush to find him your action will increase, and so on.

These traits combine in different ways that corresponds to the god’s personalities, as described in the intro: you are told that the Wolf is wild and hunts alone - which of the above traits would you say describe him? The same goes for all the gods, although I provided more detailed explanation in a spoiler if you don’t care to learn about them yourself.

The Wolf is reckless and bloodthirsty, so high action and selfishness will put you on his path and make you distrusted by the Bear and Hawk, who are both believers of justice and mercy and thus prefer equity (though the Bear is a careful thinker who approves of deliberation and the Hawk is passionate and approves of action). The Spider lurks in dark corners and waits for a fly to come into its trap, and so the goddess approves of characters showing selfishness and deliberation and will mistrust an MC acting all Lawful Good who’s high in equity, etc’.
The gods may approve of you if even if only make some choices fitting their agenda and are not on their path, but some choices are dependents on said path (and some achievements). If you find yourself on a god’s path uncertain on how you got there, check out the descriptions - it will hint of the traits that determine it (for example, “the bear is slow and ponderous” hints of the relationship between deliberation and the Bear).

And of course, experiment! That’s what makes replaying fun :slight_smile:


Thanks Jackrabbit, your hint helped me get some new achievements but Eight Legs, No Heart still eludes me, strangely enough doing as many “spidery” choices as possible tend to get me the Eel achievement, not Spider one, not sure why, guess I am just bad at the game or I am missing something somewhere :confused:

The eel is slippery and sneaks around everywhere, the spider weaves complicated webs … maybe that will help?

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I am afraid not at my wits end here :confused:


Are you sure its the “spider” choices? I suggest reading the new dialogs when you choose a new option because you’ll see different reactions from the gods. Example: When you meet the Spider Avatar try using all the options and you should observe how she reacts. On the achievement your trying to get I suggest using humor when you first meet spider. When the rising sun comes negotiate, and choose the second to the last which causes chaos and disruption. When Spider enters your dream find it exhilarating. When the thunder storm appears and the gods talk to you pick ‘the world is much fun with wolf in it’ you should read how every god reacts not just clicking every option just to get an achievement.


I’m glad someone asked this question, I was just about to ask the same thing :joy: I’ve had the worst time trying to get this damn achievement!! I’ve tried everything when it comes to that rising sun interaction, and there are some responses where I think I may be onto something, but I can never follow up on it. Is that scene supposed to be the only one where you meet with Ara/Aran? Because at the end of one response they say something along the lines of ‘I’ll be seeing you again’ but you never do :confused:

you can get Ara/Aran to pop up in the final parts of the story if you do the correct choices, but whether that actually is a requirement for the achievement i cannot say as it doesn’t seem to change anything.

Me too, I cant seem to get that bloody achievment no matter what I do. xd Also, is there a way to romance Ara(n)? I’ve just finished my evil playthrough, and the possibility (Im guessing there is one, since Ara(n)'s pronouns change to your preferences) just didn’t pop up. What am I missing? ._.

I’ve replayed this game so so so many times, but I CANNOT seem to get any of the Ara/n achievements!!! Has anyone here gotten those achievements successfully? And if so, wow I’m jealous of you and HOW

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I want to know how to end up with Aran too

I’ve just finished my playthrough trying to be as much “spidery” as possible and got that Eight Legs, No Heart achievement, finallyyyy.

When first met Aran I was trying to amuse him and then when that conflict with Sun Risers popped up I chose to negotiate with them and then made that choice when you purposefully sow discord and chaos using wits. After that when I’m leaving he said to me something like “This is how I know we were always meant to be close because you are just as much trouble as I am.” Then later I’ve joined the Rising Sun (don’t know if this is important or not, probably not). When meeting the gods I was amused, then chose that the world is more interesting with the wolf in it. Then when I in Siltstone met Tumelo Aran was there as well, then I chose to avenge the Wolf and Aran helped me to take down the Hawk. When against the Wolf I’ve chosen to subdue Wolf and then I consumed him. Then when given the choice I went back to Maras Caravan to Ghazal and I told him that I will stay with him. There is described how you live somewhat happily and after that, there is someone calling you from a distance, you approach him and its Aran…you talk and he asks you to leave with him and be with him.

Anyway, great game, I usually don’t replay these games, but with this one, I’ve been playing it the whole weekend and I’m really enjoying it.


Thanks man! finally I can get the chivo and move on!

My version of the game doesn’t let me see my stats. :frowning: I was wanting to see if I could hook up with Spider’s avatar, but I only met Ara once at the beginning of the game.

you should have a button at the top of the screen showing your stats if you press it


I know, but it wasn’t there.