It's Killing Time (Spoilers)

Hi everyone. Okay, the first question is:

Is there a faqs for this game yet? Any idea what skillsets I should be focusing on? If I focus on Improv, I get bitten by the snake, but if I focus on intellect, I don’t. How does intellect factor majorly? It’s quite fun, and I’m very much enjoying it, though


I can’t seem to make a specific kill in any way except for one. Is there a way that I can use the deck approach without failing?

Secondly, how can I get the hit to go off his diet?

Thirdly, is the one you save from the tank a man or a woman? When you fight them, they are refered to as male, but well, to make a long story short, I played as a female, a straight female, and ended the game in a lesbian relationship with this person.

Also, is it possible to recruit and perhaps romance the Syndicate Outcast?

And yes, my questions are as vague as possible, to limit the amount of spoilage. :smile:

It might just be easiest to use spoiler tags, just do:

[spoiler]The cake is a lie[/*spoiler]

Without the asterisk and it should look like:

That is an outdated reference


Thank you!
I will do so in the future.

I don’t think you need to focus on one stat, my final stats were 5 hand to hand, 23 ranged, 23 intelligence, and 23 improvisation and I never failed a stat check.

Spoilers follow, obviously:

1. You need at least 13 ranged combat skill.

2. The ambassador? You can’t change his diet, you have to kill him some other way.

3. The Phoenix is whatever gender your character is attracted too. A straight woman should get a male Phoenix. That sounds like a bug in the code.

4. You can recruit Miller, but you need to have a really good relationship with him. I don’t think you can romance him though.


Thanks for the info!

  1. I will try that.
  2. Understood, I used Extreme.
  3. There is indeed a bug, it would seem, although that romance seemed a bit rushed.
  4. How do I do that? I was on his side the entire time, but he still ended up leaving after the ‘Viking’.

4. Always be on his side, I think. Even if he’s not around, defending him makes him like you more. Also, after you find his bandana, ask him about it non-accusingly. In the elevator, help him up and apologize, and believe what he tells you.

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  1. AH! So that is why! I ignored it the second time, and was harsh the first time. Thanks for letting me know! This is valuable information indeed! Well, for a game, haha.

If you’re experiencing pronoun shifts and characters otherwise switching gender, make a record of this and send in a bug report to choice of games. Screenshots of the precise locations help, although if it’s more than just an isolated than this is part of a larger problem.

Question relating to this game
this game came out quite a bit ago but it re-releasing what happened that made it get dropped from the list?
i know it was dropped because i have owned it for a wile now and it wasn’t on iTunes for past few days at least.
was there a mainline glitch?

@Drakeye It’s Killing Time still hasn’t been officially released. It did have a release date set as May 29th where it was released on some platforms but it looks like it had some sort of problem. The release date got switched to today.

There’s been no announcements about it, and it’s available some places but not others.

I’d suspect it’s something to do with the graphic nature of the game, it may have had some issues with approval or something. Or might have been some bugs? It does look like it’s had some bug fixes done. Does apple take longer to approve fixed games than android/amazon does?

Choice of Games generally like to do simultaneous release on all of the platforms with announcements going up when it’s available on everything it will be.

Anyway your guess is as good as mine.

Could someone send me screenshots of the gender problem with Phoenix?

jason AT choiceofgames DOT com

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Nevermind. I found it.

Look for patch 1.0.7.

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I’m really sorry, I fell asleep and didn’t see this. :confused:

Where would I find that update? I’m not sure how to install updates to games like these, heh.

Hmm. This game is graphic?

I know that it should be rated a ‘T’, but I’m not entirely sure that I see the ‘ultra violence’ that was mentioned?

I think Jason means look forward to the update. They take a little time to put together for all the various platforms. (Most platforms will also update automatically, so it’ll be fixed once CoG can send it out.)

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Some of the scenes are pretty brutal. The ones that give you or require psychotic level are pretty demented and pointlessly sadistic.

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Ok, it’s been pushed to Apple. Again.

The patch should be live on GPS, AAA, and CWS in the next 24 hours.

We won’t send out the email or release it on the webstore until we can coordinate a release with Apple, though.

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I haven’t played this version of the game so I can’t tell you how graphic it is. I’ve also a tendency not to explore any extreme content. You do play an assassin going around murdering people though. There’s a lot of the murdering.

Aha! That may be it in terms of graphicness.

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I know right? Holy shit, there’s one scene That you can murder Miller by killing him with a fucking chainsaw, it’s pretty violent, and pretty awesome!

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Sooooo… this game is releasing on the 12th, right? It’s not actually out yet? And y’all must have gotten in on the beta? I’ll avoid this thread until it’s out if that’s the case. ^_^’