It's Killing Time (Spoilers)

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed The game was released at the end of May. It’s available on Android and on Amazon. It’s not currently available on the website or on Apple though, because Apple takes longer to update patches. I suspect the Apple problem is why its official date keeps getting pushed back. Once Apple gets it though I’m sure it’ll be properly announced.

I see. Thank you. Guess I’ll search for it on my Android after getting some money on it- not having it on the CoG website threw me off, and seeing it as slated to release in six days, but with the status ‘released’. So funny, that time-warp.

Yeah, during the pre-release phase someone was kind enough to point out a serious experience-breaking bug.

We were able to patch immediately to Google, Amazon, and Chrome, but Apple takes about two weeks to get around to reviewing.

Then Apple rejected the patch, because of a totally unrelated bug, Friday morning. So we’ve fixed the bug and resubmitted and are waiting for their approval.

This has been the very definition of a clusterfuck.


I was wondering what was going on with this game. I noticed the release date but couldn’t find it in the iTunes Store. Might just cave and get it on my phone instead so I don’t have to wait for Apple to get it together.

Ugh it got pushed back another week, again. Stop screwing us over Apple!!! Just wish there was a way for me to transfer the app over to my iphone if I bought it on a device that uses the google play store/amazon app store.

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How odd.

This is the info on the Chrome Web Store about this app:

Version: 1.0.8
Updated: June 8, 2015
Size: 670KB
Language: English (United States

What’s New
• Set own nickname bugfix.
• Phoenix gender bug.
• Rare crashing bug.
• Typos.
• Continuity errors.

From the Google Play store.

This isn’t good if the 1.0.8 patch only fixes one error. There are algorithms that seem to prevent Miller from being about to join you, as another member of this forum kindly mentioned.

Uh, no, no one has mentioned any bug related to Miller.

At least, not that I’ve seen.

I see. So there is no way to get him to join you, then?

In the code, it is possible for him to join. But you need a relationship score of 75 for him to join, and I haven’t been able to get that high of a score ever, even when intentionally trying to do that. So it would be more of an oversight than a bug, unless it’s intentional and you have to do literally everything to impress him without any mistakes.

It’s fixed in 1.0.9. But that means the Apple/web release has been pushed back again.

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I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to complicate anything.

Web release updated, as well as the Google Play app.

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@SaintAemilian You don’t need to apologise, or feel bad about it. You did good pointing out an error, better that than a game that has unplayable aspects and you be guarantees if you noticed it then so would someone else. While it’s frustrating that there’s bugs that still exist, that’s certainly not your fault.

What’s most frustrating is the length of time it takes Apple to approve bug fixes.


Just wondering, but how do I get to the part where I save the person from the tank? I have this on android.

Just wondering, is Lola short for the name Dolores? Because I came across this paragraph where Dolores was putting a hand on Barbara and it turned to Lola. Not sure if this is a typo or a nickname that I didn’t know about.

Google is telling me that Lola is a nickname for Dolores. I’ve not actually got a version of the game where I can check though to see if it looks like a mistake. If you can screenshot or copy/paste the entire paragraph it generally helps for bug-fixing in this sort of thing.

A few pages after the paragraph that I was talking about, the name Lola was mentioned again and I realized it wasn’t a typo. My bad! Should’ve finished the game before asking :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Lola is a nickname for Dolores.

Is the game going to be released on this site at some point?

Again, how do I get to the part where I save the person from the tank that turns out to be Phoenix? I don’t seem to be able to reach that part.

What tank? The tank of fishes? After Phoenix is lying on the ground waiting for death, there should be an option to kick the fish away or something like that.