Fall of Daria - Lost Heir FRUSTRATION

So, I’m trying to go through a playthrough as an assassin/thief character and I’m also attempting to get as many of the artifacts as possible (excluding the fking shield) but at the Somereth ruins, no matter what I do, I can’t. fking. get. the. guards. to. die. I’ve tried being an assassin. I’ve tried being a thief, hell I’ve even tried a combo thief/assassin build. I’ve tried tying them up. I’ve tried fighting them in open combat. How can I just kill the f**kers so I can get the gem, and continue?

You can poison them if you have enough Nature, you can kill all of them with a noxious cloud with enough Magic, if Thea is unharmed or you have enough strenght, you can throw a boulder at them.

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How much nature is required to just poison the fu*kers? I know you need 30 stealth to get away with it, but I can get that easy, and how to you throw a boulder at them? I’ve never gotten that option.

I dont remember how much Nature you need, sorry.
For the Strenght option, you need to be inside the temple being chaves by the guard (I dont remember if it war a boulder, a statue or whatever, but you can throw something at them).

Oh, you mean the lights? Yeah, that slows them down, and if they’ve been fought down to a couple of guys, stops them. Doesn’t help with assassin characters as they tend to have high agility and charm (or, at least in my case).

Give me a moment and I will se how much Nature you need to poison them.

Edit: I poisoned them with 56 of Nature, but first you need to listem to the Consortium mages then the option of poisoning them will open.

Thanks, I’ll do it after my bloody pizza arrived. I’m starving :smiley:.

It may also depend on who you have with you when you choose Petra or Gale (or Peter or Gill if you go that option).

If you have Gale/Gill, and don’t mind increasing your evil level, and have a decent Stealth score, a little throat cutting goes a long way (the Wait Until Nightfall option). Even if Gale isn’t there, as long as your Stealth score is high enough, and Unarmed/Blades to take out a sentry demon, you can still take down 3-4 people as well.

And I’ve played this so often in the last couple weeks, I often find myself specializing in Archery (to where you get over 50), especially if I went with Petra/Peter. Using your bow, you can take out two opponents right away (I think this part Archery has to level 40). My memory is a little hazy, but you should have another option to take someone down (this is where the over 50 helps). There will be a chance where you can Dodge, Stand in front of, or behind Jess…if Dodger is high, use, otherwise let Jess absorb the blow…and attack once more with the bow to bring them down. Kill the guards early enough, you also get an additional 62 or so gold.

The arrow part may help with Gale as well. The thing is, Gale/Gill tend to stay out of direct combat if they can.

Can anyone give me a walk through into being an Assassin and finishing the fall of Daria

This game is so frustrating with its stats. And the best I could get (after I don’t know, um, 10 hours of game time checking them all out?) was being a Mage Knight (Oh yeah, is it possible to become a Paladin? Religion+Healing+Blades? ). I can’t focus on just one field of profession because it just gets too high and to get through the game, you need to focus on others as well.


Best Stats:
Charm (omg, life saver—70+)
Magic and Blades (Managed to get them in high equal levels—80+)
Good (70+)

At the beginning of the game, I chose spellbook, magic magic, magic but choose physical attributes over academics and then chose charm options (slept with somebody but if it has to happen…plus, +10 charm is worth it). Soon, I chose Sir Grady and was taught blade skills and chose squire to get a +blades bump. But after, I chose wizard apprenticeship so that my magic can catch up with my blades. Over the game, I switched between using magic and my sword and we asked my way through charm.

However, my will is slow but I try to keep it up. So far, this is the institute I have taken. Being an assassin and thief is so hard to achieve…

And saved my money for good stuff.

As an assassin or thief you need to sneek in and poison them or you could be a magician and send a poisonous cloud.

You can become an actual Paladin in the second game. Not sure about the first one to be honest. Personally I think the best step in that direction is to start as a Cleric since your core Skills will be Religion, Magic and Blades.

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To become a Paladin in the second game requires one level of Priest, one of Cleric, and one of either Squire or Guard. My usual route is Squire/Priest/Cleric.

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Oh thanks! But it will be harder to defeat the enemies if I choose this path then, because I tried assassin and it really works for them
okay, Paladin! Here I come!
but does that mean I can’t romance Jace (the souleater) because I have to be good…

Oh thanks! But I choose paladin, what path will I take at the end?

So, in the end, where should I go? The academy?

To romance the Soulburner you’ll need a Charm of 60 by the time you get to Elmvale {or Evil of 60 but that’s clearly not an option).

Going to the Academy won’t do much for you as a Paladin. Personally I’d suggest going to the Wilderness with your Thief if you can and drink the Berserk potion for some killer stat gains. Or maybe if you start out as a Priest you can go to Tornassa with the Archer and follow up on the Unknown.

If you take a level in Cleric as your third level, it doesn’t really matter where you go stats-wise. Decide whose quest you most want to follow up on. Do the Academy if you want to do Jace/Jess’ quest (you can do this with or without romancing them); the Soulburner provides a couple benefits later on.

If, however, you’re taking your first level of Guard in Daria2 (I don’t recommend this) the Mountains give the best stats.

For a Paladin, following up on the Unknown is just +10 Good, +10 Religion.

True enough. It was just the only other thing I could think of if you’re looking for what benefits a Paladin at all.

Well, there was a problem with Jace though. I got 60 charm and I don’t know if it’s a bug but I said I liked him (yep, with 60 charm) but he was like, angry with me, saying he can’t be fooled by honey words and then I thought, huh???

Was it supposed to be: 60 charm or 60 evil? (Was that 60 evil? Or 65?) or 60 charm AND 60 evil?