Life of a Wizard

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when will iit be in android?

I just checked, and it’s on Chrome.


Congrats! Buying it now.

Well I have to wait til it hits the chrome store, oh well.

Wonderful! Thanks, guys. This is exciting. :). I hope you enjoy it.

I buy it when I’m home in my android I like the sorcerer hat in the picture I will give it good note

Well that was fast

I’ve played the demo and I have to say that this is looking to be fantastic! Such a great range of options and ideas - I had great fun creating and playing the child and teen years of Simon, the Dwarf Bartender, with his best friend, the tomboyish Elf Girl Amy and his beautiful human girlfriend Elizabeth, not to mention his loyal dog Shadow and his bitter Half-Orc rival Markus. I’ll definitely be picking this up when I finally get an I-Pod Touch for apps! :slight_smile:

I play the beta and it’s fantastic so @derekmetaltron buy it you will like it!

And so the [Hosted Game > Official Game] trend continues… *eye roll*

Glad to see it’s finally up @Lucid ! I’ve been anxious to play this one for a while now - but really wanted to wait for the polished release, so skipped on the beta(s).

I’ll be purchasing it right now (first one since Way Walkers) :stuck_out_tongue:

Great I will buy it today, can’t wait to play. :smiley:

As a beta-tester, I thought it was brilliant and I am definitely buying it!

I want this so much!! >< it looks great

this was a wonderful game, I played the beta, is it on the amazon app market as well? I have a kindle fire

Just finished. Fantastic! I LOVE the little summary at the end, so much.
I won’t post it here for spoilers, as much as I want to!

I can see a lot of replayability in this, it was a great game – I hope to see a lot more like it in the future! Good job :slight_smile:

already bought it and its cheap best combination ever

@RoseQueenKamijo - As a Hosted Game, it isn’t available on the Amazon App Store. This may change some day in the future.