Upcoming Games by Lucid

Last Wizard is settling into a respectable 4.6 (with short jumps to 4.7) on Google, which is great. I put a lot into this game, wanting it to be the best. Overall, it seems to be well received, even though some of my fans miss my old style. Here’s a poll to celebrate: The Last Wizard - #355 by Lucid

My new game, Daria: A Kingdom Simulator (WIP), is something completely different altogether. It’s a flat out game. I spent a full day fixing bugs. :slight_smile: It might be closer than I think, but it’s hard to tell, with those bugs still in it.

And finally, The Lost Heir Trilogy will have the Legacy Advantage coming out soon. September 9th is the date, unless anything’s changed. I had fun bringing the wizard from Life of a Wizard into the game. :slight_smile: I can’t wait for everyone to see how that went. Also, remember that its main goal is as a stat bump option. Casual players will get a chance to become extremely powerful now. :slight_smile: