Lucid's Games Patreon Page

Hey everyone!

With the Last Wizard and the Legacy Advantage on the way, I thought it would be a good idea to finally start my Patreon Page.

If this isn’t for you, I totally understand. Playing my games is support enough and I will continue to make games for everyone to enjoy.

But if you’re interested in giving me additional support and taking a more active role in my game development, then come on over:

Thanks for playing!


Congratulations Lucid both for the new projects and for the patreon. Hope you get enough support


Love that game “life of a mobster”. I replayed it multiple times and got almost all the endings :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’m sorry but I can’t really support you, although I do think a sequel to Life Of A Mobster would be great. I would pay for it, and I’m sure a lot of others would too.

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No worries. The Patreon is for additional support for those who are interested.

Hearing that you like my games makes me very happy. :slight_smile: I really enjoyed writing Life of a Mobster. I have no plans at this time for a sequel, but who knows what may happen in the future.


I was thinking, maybe I could make a complete guide of Life of a Mobster? I would do a guide for all the endings, although it would take a while. Only if you wouldn’t mind.

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Sounds great! There have been other guides made. People always like them. :slight_smile: