The Last Wizard

If you pick the cloak and go with maximum Open, as well as dabble in a bit of Mend, you’re basically Doctor Strange.


Thanks you for your answer

You can actually help Meadow and still romance Revin/Raven

I’m just listing all the choices that lead to a positive relationship increase.

Thanks I’ve been trying to romance Revin for the longest!! XD

Who was your favourite RO?

  • Gary/Gertie: The rough guard with a drinking problem and a mean spouse.
  • Mel/Melanie: The priest/priestess who talks too much.
  • Jasper/Jasmine: The good-looking, vain soldier.
  • Meadan/Meadow: The overly-ambitious merchant.
  • Revin/Raven: The roguish thief.
  • Adam/Ada: The cold-hearted prince/princess.
  • Destin/Destiny: The quiet, introverted prince/princess.

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My most favourite love interest is ultimately Jasmine, follow closely by Princess Ada, then in third Melanie, although i had never romance Melanie (simply because i switch back to Jasmine or Ada every time i start something good with Melanie), Melanie’s character is just too kind and intelligent … she was like your kind hearted classmate or study companion , hence i need to choose Melanie as one of my favourite as well :slight_smile:

But Jasmine’s romance route was very well design and her character is simply the most intriguing , the moment Jasmine finally settle her loyalty to me was most satisfying , especially after all those misunderstanding , Jasmine is like your super model wife who you think is too hot to handle, and she is always the subject of scrutiny due to her popularity … the scene of mistrust towards her was like some drama series, but once i realise she had always been loyal ever since commit to me, brought me to shame and guilt for mistrusting her Hence the Jasmine romance had been the most memorable …

Personally i would prefer to pick up a closed-face metal helmet and becomes " Dr Fate " , i think Fate is much cooler , and ultimately more powerful than Strange … i think i had read that Fate’s power is close to godhood should he unleash his full potential :slight_smile:

I chose Princess Ada, but I am sad to see Meadow getting no love, she was second on my list. Jasmine is the other romance that has nuance beyond Meadow and Ada, the others felt a bit more generic. You never break Raven of stealing, and Melanie felt just meh. I think the physical description combined with the party animal personality really made Gertie a put off for me. Destiny just felt way too timid to ever be queen, and you never really break her out of that shell I feel.

All that said, I have romanced each and every one of them. But Ada is the only one to get 2 play throughs.

I end up romancing Gertie everytime, I just can’t help myself. Tall, rough and muscular is just my type of woman.

As for Meadow getting no love - honestly, I never managed to romance her. Mostly because the one time I tried to stay and talk to the merchant group at the dance, Gertie pulled my MC to the dancefloor and I couldn’t say no.

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How to save the Queen/King???
Do you need to go to her when shade attacks the palace instead of going to the two princess or fire???

You need heal of at least 2, ignore the fire, go to the king, attempt to heal, rush off and save the elder royal sibling, then you will be given the chance to completely heal the king. That is the only way I have found. Again you level 2 heal spell and you must save the elder sibling, also you need high approval ratings with both I believe.


I think the Jackpot achievement is bugged.

In the festival the MC can only participate in 4 events, but the requirements for the Jackpot achievement is to do 5 events, plus gambling with Raven.

To win the grand prize, you just need a lot of tickets. Enough to win the cask. 10% of Steam players did it. Picking a good order to play the games can help. :slight_smile:

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Can you tell me what you have to do to get that achievement, then?

Well, I’m late again to taste your new game
This game is awesome! (not as awesome as TLH trilogy though)
I love how the story told, making me feels like I really got warped into this game universe

Thank you for making another game that I truly enjoyed. Really looking forward for whatever you’re working on at the moment (and I really really hope it will be another medieval fantasy :sweat_smile:)


AAAAAHHH. Im crying…


I am now trying to keep the royal family safe, and it is a fun challenge.

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I downloaded the demo for this game a month ago, and it is now the only game I have bought and enjoyed. I have played through around 18 completed times.

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Does anyone know how to take the dragon for the achievement

Just take familiar 2 and take Master’s book of epic familiars while in Nargol, I think.

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