The Last Wizard



How romance revin ? At festival he hasn’t danced with me .

Who has succeeded ?


Let the thieves rob Meadow.

Thank him/her for helping you in the sewers.

Remind the King/Queen that you had already promised him/her a pardon.

Let him/her kill the leader of the Blue Stars.

At the Festival, follow him/her to the gambling den, play the game (make sure you have enough tickets), drink the shot, agree to rat the gamblers out afterward.

If you can afford it, share a drink.

Then ask them to dance.

After that, choose to bring them along when you have to head north.


Not yet… i will try it out next time , healing and charm seem to be more compassionate route, Well , it reduce casualty :wink:


If you pick the cloak and go with maximum Open, as well as dabble in a bit of Mend, you’re basically Doctor Strange.


Thanks you for your answer