The Last Wizard



Thanks so much! Your list was very helpful. :slight_smile:


I really liked previous works from Lucid, even the conclusion of the Last Heir, which apparently not as appreciated as the first two. Contrary to most HG/CoG, Lucid’s stories tend to be more games than books imo. Which isn’t bad or good in itself, it just need to focus on different things. And previous Lucid’s games did the trick for me, the fact that you could play a lot of different ways in the Lifes of, and in TLH, was implemented well enough to create a really enjoyable experience.

I was mostly disappointed by the Last Wizard, even though I ultimately gave it a 3/5 on the Google Store. The game aspect was a miss for me, even though the magic system allows for some pretty sweet moments (like with a shadow and a portal for exemple). The main problem was the other stats system. I understand that sometime increase in one stat mean a decrease in another (for exemple in Life of Wizard, getting older and staying fit comes at a price, makes sense). Here, some decrease in stats just don’t make sense, but the worst part is, it limits the building of your character. I would have really enjoyed being a strong and intelligent wizard that would impose his views, whether by strength or by cunning, but I can’t and the justification seems non existent.
The story was okay, and the choices have their importance, but one of the big flaws is that the consequences did not felt important. The way it was written did not make me care. Even if the interactions with NPCs were never the strong suit in Lucid’s works before, there were enough to make me interested in some of them, especially in TLH. Here the NPCs felt a bit to shallow. Maybe cutting one or two would have been more effective. I was also a bit perplexed by the flash-back I get they are meant to give a bit more flesh to your character, and that’s not a bad idea at all, it’s just the mean chosen to do so that was imo a poor choice. They kinda kill the rythm, and come out of nowhere. And having a different “origin story” Is definitively something I dig but I can’t understand why it was not put at the beginning. First because the flashbacks aren’t working for me, and second because in retrospect it could have been a better introduction than the one we get, where you appeared out of nowhere and don’t know shit about your character. A good exemple is the difference between Max Payne the game and the movie. In the game the intro scene gave you context, and character definition. In the movie the use of flash-back prevents you from understanding who the character is and why he does what he does. The character appeared as dull and not very fleshed out, and it felt kind of the same here

Overall I still gave it a decent note, because of the cool interaction with magic, and the good replay value, but this book felt disapointing for me.


I’m not sure I’d be happy with that religion personally, but then I was raised in a religion where the prophet kicked moneychangers out of the temple while today people who profess to follow him want six million dollars by the weekend so they may put gasoline into all of their limousines. Religion is hard to get sometimes.

On your office dilemma, there are several solutions via Magic. The two I recall from beta testing-


  1. Use intelligence spell to instantly trace the account to the real culprit. And 2. Teleport from a locked room to the non extradition country where they’re hiding the money. Since the account’s in your name, you now never have to work again.[\spoiler]
    There may be other solutions I didn’t see. Burn probably does something fun.


Hehehe thanks for the office tips… i am still wondering should i go back ?

And well… perhaps you are right, starting a cult with our power may not be a best idea… however there is the temptation of using that power to do something Good, starting a Cult seems to be a more praceful way… Else starting a merry band like Robin Hood is thrilling as well :slight_smile:


I don’t think we do youth (I mean even master healer/necromancer dies). Plus magic is fading in our world anyway. I never want to go back to the old world, don’t see the point.


Me also not thinking about going back… just curious and wondering what could we do if we really go bsck :smile:


It’s really hard to argue with magic. Especially necromancy.


I don’t know what Destiny’s required stat is (though I successfully romanced them with ~75 intelligence) but her shyness means that she’ll be scared off by displays of affection which are either too bold or too public (or both).

To start her route don’t try to persuade her to dance and just walk back with her to the gardens (while doing so don’t try to walk arm in arm). Then spend the entire night talking with her. At the end of the evening just say you like her (don’t push your luck for a kiss). This will put you firmly on her path.


Jasmine Romance seems the sweetest for me , Princess Ada is nice too but i always have the feeling that Jasmine “sacrifice” more for her love to me , and she is the ultimate “quest” companion who follow me through all the hardship well, i chose her and the soldiers to mend all the books for me


Thanks so much! I did exactly as you said and i was able to be successful with her.


Yes, indeed Maci is not an R.O. I went back to confirm. Unfortunately, she was just a one-night romance. :frowning:


On my first playthrough I basically got engaged to Prince Adam but ended up in jail at the end :cold_sweat: how can get the Prince to dance with me at the festival? No matter what I do the option doesn’t appear again :sweat::sweat:


I get what ur saying, I am just saying that the real world scenes we’re kind of In an odd place. I do think that the real scenes leave open the possibility for a very cool sequel with u being able to use magical powers on Earth, just putting it out there


Agree… although it had to be an ending where we go back to real world, and then have our RO from Duroth following later on, trying to find us … that will be awesome especially for Jasmine I keep remembering Jasmine will be a super model in the real world , perhaps that should be it… Jasmine try to find us in the real world and got a job as a model, during exclusive interview she openly states that she is looking for someone she love and ask us to contact her as soon as we know she also arrive :slight_smile:


Idk about the RO cuz that makes a lot more work for lucid considering he would have to write paths for all of the romance interests, I do agree it would be interesting though, I think the only way to do that would be to have all of the main characters somehow get transported to Earth because that is more possible because if just ur RO from the last game came to the real world lucid would have to write parts for characters that would only appear in like 1 out every 6(romance options?) game play through. I do think he was kind of hinting us that he may be making an Earth sequel with the part about Jasmine/Jasper being a model in the real world, I just don’t think 1 character being brought over is possible though


Lucid said this is a one off, there’s no sequel. There’s also no need for a sequel since the epilogue summarizes the rest of your life.


Well… it would be enjoyable if we travel back to our world with our RO following us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Happy Birthday @Lucid!!! Hope for more successes in the future :smiley:


Is there any way to get Gary to break up with or stop being pushed around by his wife?

Have you done a Mending playthrough? That’s extremely OP as well.


How do I get the jackpot achievement?