The Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom Bugs and Errors

This thread is to report any bugs you found in Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom

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Thanks everyone!

I noticed when buying equipment for your Squire (at least for Raquel) it states it costs 250 gold, but when buying the game states that it’s -200 gold
Also I as well as a few others have noticed that when doing the History option when trying to convince Snarflan to give you help the game always acts as if you don’t have enough History unless you’re a Bard
(I have no screen shots right now. On the computer and not on my phone.)

When you try to get the magic staff without magical means, it says you need 70 devices or 40 agility. Even if I’m +50, +60 or even +80, the game says I can’t. I only got it as a thief.

Along the game there are similar bugs :bug::ant::bee: with the “X or Y” stuff, I’m going to hunt them :relaxed:

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When trying to recruit the gnomes and attempting to use the option where you gain more support from them it says I needed history 65 or bard level 2. I’m a level 3 bard with 54 history–it seems like the OR is being treated as an AND instead in the code.

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Hey Neoheartless new to the forum but would love to see youresults stat guide for the first if possible

When fighting my Red Companion in Tornsassa at the end it suddenly shifted to the scene like I lost when in reality I had hardly taken any damage at all and should’ve been a ble to keep fighting

Was it the poison? The poison is essentially insta KO if you can’t endure it, eliminate it, etc
I’d you can endure it you take a -25 Health, if you can’t stand withstand the poison through one of the options. X(

When you decide to do the siege engines to destroy the walls of Tornassa and construct the siege machines, there’s a typo:

I wish I could do screencaps…

When buying a Warhorse one of the names generated has a typo. It says White Lightening instead of White Lightning

When meeting gnome,65 history won’t trigger.

Hey I saw them pointed out in the other thread, but I just wanted to say I encountered the problems too. The over forty agility is ignored when I try to take the staff out by mundane means in the academy. Also, I seem to fail the check with the gnomes, because I have level 3 bard instead of level 2. Is that intentional? Just seems odd that I would know less due to advancing.

Like @Dae-kalina said. It’s entirely possible that the History option for the Gnomes is being treated as Bard AND 65 history rather than Bard OR 65 history.
Possibly the same for the Archmage Staff. Code stating 75 devices AND 40 agility when it’s supposed to be 75 Devices OR 40 agility. Unless @Lucid meant for the Archmage Staff to be 75 Devices AND 40 agility and mistakenly made it seem like you could do it with one or the other stat. I’m hoping it’s the former.
(Did I confuse anyone? Hope not.)


When choosing to bond with a Spider after enrolling at the Magic Academy

Having done a little scene delving to satisfy my curiosity, it appears the issue with the gnome scene is that it checks for the shortage of skill to determine failure, rather than suitable skill to determine success. That is to say, if either history is below 65, or you possess less than 2 levels in Bard, you fail - even if the other condition is fulfilled. The same goes for the staff’s check.

Trying to get the magic staff mundanely didn’t work when I had the stats. I believe I saw a person say you had less than the number rather than more in the code.

When choosing to retrieve your saved games and then choosing cancel

Not as much of a bug but still an error.

If we kill Selina and then let the Red defeat us, Selina appears alongside Red alive and well. Construction error perhaps?

Read the text on that one. It should say that she was only injured, if Red lives past the battle. I’ll double check, but it should be there.

Wow she survived a stone javelin into the chest? Jeez, was she raised in the Norgan!?

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It was probably more of a she was saved by Red ___ and the soldiers. @Lucid perhaps clarify it more on how Selena survived?

Lucid is right on that one. In one playthrough I noticed she smashed her head, enough to die. But on the next page she was only injured.

I did notice the same bugs as everyone else, the agility check for arch mage staff and the gnomes one as well.

Also, I find it strange that you can follow a good god/goddess, be completely evil, and still have Auriel open the clouds to allow light to shine on you, stating she’s happy with your actions. (When you initially leave to go to Ludd.)