The Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom - Beta Test - CLOSED

EDIT: Beta test is long over. The series is complete, get it and enjoy.

The time has come to beta test the Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom. Although I hope you have played Lost Heir 1: The Fall of Daria, it is not essential, since you can start with a new character.

I would like to do this in waves of about 10 people. So, IF YOU WILL SEND FEEDBACK in the next couple of days, send me an email. If this is a busy time for you, wait for the next wave… I’ll get everyone involved eventually. If you don’t intend to send any feedback, please don’t request access.

Waves let me have fresh eyes without everyone spotting the same errors. :slight_smile:

If you are able to play and able to send feedback in a timely manner, please email me at mike_walter AT bell DOT net Please do not request access through forum email. Use this email instead. REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR FORUM NAME!

Thanks in advance for your help!
Lucid (Mike)


I loved the first one and can’t wait to play this one

Stupid Time-zones costing me my chance to play this early…

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I wanna ask IF we beta test now can we still play it after our wave is done?

Oh yes. I hope that once you begin that you keep testing it until the end. :smile:

Waves give me fresh errors, instead of having 100 people find the same 20 errors and then stopping. :slight_smile: It also keeps my list of bugs/suggestions manageable.

It’s starting well. :slight_smile:

Can we import our saves should we be picked to Beta Test? (I’m not volunteering for round one but if you need round two testers I’d be much more free then)

I worked hard for that 130% good stat!

Edit: what’s the max you can get? Had I taken every single chance to get good points I could see myself at about 140 – but is it possibke to go higher?

Sorry, nope. CoG manages the save system. I saved about 15 charcters from last beta for this beta, so we have a few to play from.

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I’m not sure what the max could be. :slight_smile:

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Hey so at the end of Lost Heir 1 I favored my Thieve stats over my Magic stats because they appeared to be a good combination of employing speed and agility when magic wasn’t available for use - however now I’m interested in choosing the option to attend the wizard academy though I don’t want to travel there as a thief but as a student, even though my primary occupation is currently thievery.

Should I start over and make sure Wizardry is my occupation or will there be an option to study magic at the Academy? Stat wise I have more points in Magic (77%) while keeping Stealth at 34% and Devices at 35%.

As the elders said finaly the best fantasy(from my point of view) game in Choice of Games(hosted games) is back!!

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Yeah, while Official Games have gone down in quality but Lucid’s Hosted Games just keep getting better.


I don’t want to Beta Test, but I just want to say that I am soooo excited! I’ve been looking forward to this since forever and aaahhh <3! I went through all routes and I am trying to get all artifacts now because damn haha. Now I don’t know who to choose now! It’s okay though. ü Hopefully I have money by the time it’s released haha :))) anyway, words of encouragement: you can do it! You already are (what a loser, Eir, you dolt!) hihi. Stay amazing! (I can only offer words of encouragement. I’m sorry I couldn’t help more.)


Note: Second wave is filled. Keep posted for the next opening. Thanks!

The first week of beta was great! My testers found over a hundred errors and I added around 20k words of new code.

I’m ready for another 10 or so. Please read the first message to see how.

As for those still testing, keep going! Tons of new changes in today’s update and I appreciate your help!


Please let me be a beta.

Yes, let me in pretty please.

I would absolutely love to if you’re still looking for beta testers! The first game was so amazing!

Senpai Lucid please let me beta test in one of the next waves. I loved the last game. I think I’m a masochist for having to get that perfect run in your games, I can almost say the exact effect of nearly every combination of skills for the first one because of how many times I tried to get the perfect character. (You’re so cruel for that by the way :P.)

Thanks again, all of my wonderful Beta Testers! Canadian Thanksgiving put me a little behind, but my Inbox is empty. This means I have responded to every suggestion and fixed every error that has been reported so far. :smile:

EDIT: So, with an empty Inbox, I sent out the call for the Third Wave. All filled now. Thanks!

Well I will send another wave of feedback tomorrow. I have new ideas.

Kinda sad i cant test the perfect runthrough where i had gotten all 8artifacts, dated the hardest to date soulburner and saved everyone all whilst being a bardthief but oh well.

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Anyhow already got an error with it not measuring bard levels correctly

Will probably email any further errors from now on since its a pain to use this forum for errors