The Lost Heir Trilogy

Time to decide on a play through to use for part 2, knight or assassin, summoner or no summoner, tyborr or daanda, where to go after beating thuja, gale or karla, so many decisions :scream:

I think many of us, myself included, will do multiple play-troughs anyway. My main (canon) character is the charming con-man (magic using bard, stats wise).

I will as well, but for me the first is always the best

The adventures of my demon-summoning mage assassin will continue!

I will continue as my…whatever I was, I haven’t finished it yet. :sweat_smile:

Has it really been a month? Wow, that was an enormous undertaking! It’s around the 250k mark, so I guess so. :smile:

But, it’s ready for the next phase!


Been wanting to comment on this game as I’ve played through it a few times the last few days now and I gotta say, it’s pretty amazing! The different classes you’re able to choose, the options to be good or evil, learn to use the demonstones or not, the choice of who can be your mentor, the many options of love interest, the hidden artifacts and so on… It’s all pretty amazing, how you’ve created such a game that offers so many options… So I’m naturally delighted to hear that the sequel, the second part of the series is finally out! :smile: . I only hope we can get some more use out of learning how to use the demon stones, for it was one of the few things I found a little disappointing - that they weren’t of much use that’s it… :sweat:

Since the beta for TLH 2 is going well I wanted to see how people think their characters from TLH would fare and what they think it’s their “best” character our so far

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Well, I’m quite fond of my hotheaded, reckless, ruthless, sometimes downright idiotic knight James, who despite his flaws, has managed to keep a budding romance with Petra alive. I’m thinking he’ll be sort of a “traditional” monarch, who’ll help me get a feel for the game before I try out some of my more binary good or evil characters.

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My magical Bard Priest will soothe my people and repel any undead that comes his way. Maybe he’ll study the tax code like he said he did to his late father all those years ago.

I really like my sage character that I think is OP since he 80 stats on blades and magic, as well some nice knowledge stats, and decent physical stats

Thers a book 2… Oh god… Oh god why didnt i save my character!


My favorite character is my cold but loyal assassin that is romancing Gill, but my “best” character is probably my ranger that don’t need no love since for some reason he passed all of the challenges easily and with flying colors

I will always have a soft spot for my very first TLH character. She failed nearly every major challenge and had to be carried away from every battle, but for some reason everyone liked her anyway.


I consider this one to be one of my “best” characters.

You can never go wrong with Lump.


Just go through again. One of the fun things about TLH is the large amount of classes to choose from and mix.

I’m still working on my blurbs. Anyone who beta tested Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom, feel free to give me a hand here. :smile:

I hate writing the descriptions. Can anyone help me out?

Descriptions, of various lengths.
○ Subject: 50 characters, for sending out in an email “Subject:” line. (All character counts include spaces.)
○ Short: 80 characters, for Android Google Play Store.
○ Web: 155 characters, for web search engines.
○ Android/iPhone: Unlimited length, but the description will be clipped between 200-250 characters, with a “Read More” link to see the rest.

A bulleted list of nifty things in your game. For example, here’s the list for Slammed:
○ Enjoy a 250,000 word personal tale of friendship, competition, and revenge.
○ Develop not only your physical abilities, but a favored wrestling style.
○ Become a heroic face, or a villainous heel or even turn heel.
○ Turn a scripted match into a real fight and vice versa.
○ Decide when to keep kayfabe, and when to break it.
○ Play as male or female, gay or straight.

Please help me, please

Reclaim your Kingdom!
Play as the lost Prince or Princess
Gather your allies, learn new skills, Lead your army into battle, and fight to reclaim what was stolen from you so long ago!
Play as Gay, Straight or Asexual
Be Good or Evil
Rule with the love of your people or oppress them with fear
You decide!

Something like that?

I think you should include “lead your army into battle” and use “asexual” instead of “love none at all” Otherwise very good.

Ah that was the word! Couldn’t remember it thanks. I edited the post.