The Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom - Beta Test - CLOSED

Please don’t post errors here. Send them to my email address so I have access to the errors while I’m coding. Thanks.

Hey Beta Testers. Please refresh your browsers so you’re testing from 1.11 Big balance changes. :slight_smile:

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I have some more room. Please read the first message in this thread to join wave 4. :slight_smile:

Pick me! I’ve helped beta hundreds (4) of Games! And I loved you first game. But you couldn’t get 80 willpower… (Mumbles facts to himself

Love to Be in a wave , adored the First Lost Heir was amazing

Time for the Fifth Wave! I think it’s getting very close to being ready, so I’d love to have some fresh eyes.

Anyone who is still testing, be sure to refresh the browser so you’re on the latest version. Also, be sure to send me any errors you have to this point.

If anyone is able to test, please read the first message of this thread and follow the instructions found there.


Can I test please I want to see what happens if I kept the girl I wanted to romance the most alive.

I definitely want to test this, if there are spots open.

I would like to test but TBH I’d probably forget to send in some bugs/spelling errors

Add me please, I would love to test the second part too and finally have some time to do it.

i would love to test your game , i would forget 1-2 spelling error but i can reply very fast

I would love to test your game i was involved in betatesting The Cyberpunk Journalist game(The rating wars) the as of yet still unreased Diabolus. so i think im decent choice + im fresh eyes.

You know he explicitly asked people not to beg on the forum so why dont you follow directions and read the first post

I don’t really see how that is begging…? All he said is that he would like to test the game, even then no need to be rude about.

I love all your games and can’t wait to play this one! I would like to apply if there are any spots left. I would definitely love to test this.

He did say to email him.

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I know, I just didn’t agree with the way Assassin told him. He made an honest mistake of not reading that part probably thinking to request in the post like done in other forums.

I greatly appreciate all of the help from my wonderful beta testers. Many people mention that they would like to test and send me an email as well. :slight_smile: It’s a nice public show of support, but yes, please be sure to email me so I can send the link.


Attention Beta Testers! Please send me any feedback that you still have to send.

The next update will be the final update to include new content and it will also remove the test characters. After that update, I’ll likely have one last week of beta before sending it in.

Thanks for all your help!


Last call!

If anyone hasn’t sent in their errors, you have 24 hours to do!

Also, if anyone has a minute, please refresh the game link and play one last time (be sure it says version 2.04). Any final errors? Either way, send me a quick message saying that it’s ready to be sent or stating any last errors found.

I should be sending this in tomorrow!