Review of It's Killing Time Spoilers

What does everyone think about the latest game to arrive. Mine cost around 3 dollars. It said the price would go up on Jul 2. I’m not sure how much the increase is.

I on accident put my love interest as a male. I liked the detail before you made a choice. It wasn’t just a few words. They really took the time to make a story with a bunch of twists. I feel like more writers also are trying to add choices which is a great thing. It makes re-playing the game even more fun.

During the game I spent a majority in my off time honing my skills, marksmanship, hand to hand combat. Since I picked wrong love interest. I was able to devote full time to training. I’d give an eight out of ten. If it was even longer like Fate Haven was. I’d give it a perfect score

What’s your review

I bought Killing Time and didn’t finish beating it; I was kind of underwhelmed.

The romances (at least for a straight male) seemed kind of shoehorned and thrown in there. The only romance I was interested in was the one female you can bring with you on missions, but she was unavailable. The three romance options that were actually available felt too generic and like they were in there just to provide a romance. I would’ve preferred if the writer had taken them out of the game and focused more on other areas.

I was hoping for a bit more depth and granularity for the actual assassin part. Weapon customization. Poison crafting. Demolitions. Knives.

Instead, Killing Time was like, “Do you want to go in from the roof or from the ground?” And that was it. Very binary choices. Zombie Exodus had more weapon customization, and it wasn’t focused on assassinations.

I lost interest, but I plan on trying it again at some point.


Well first of all the game was out for a week on apple store before I got the email announcing the new game release, which is weird cause I get the email on the same day usually.

The game and story are good, definitely has allot of potential but as @Scelous said, the romance were terrible , you get the same romance with the 3 assassins and not really a romance with Phoenix. Another issue I have is the many and I mean many superficial choices. If you play the game you will see them throughout the game, it doesn’t matter what stats you have and which one you will choose.

I was really looking forward to this game, but it let me down. I hope the author will work on these flaws in his next game.

The narrative spent more time telling me all about how much I care about the characters rather than developing them so I’d care about them.

At first, the interactions with potential love interests seems flat. If you give the love interest of your choosing time, though, you’ll have some sweet scenes with them. I liked having them and Miller come with me to fight the Fallen Angels. Hunting them down, sneaking my way into their base, the gun fight, and then fighting Phoenix hand-to-hand was really entertaining for me. (The character dies from a sting ray barb to the neck. That’s awesome.)

The character of Phoenix was probably the most interesting of them all, while most others seemed… predictable. I didn’t expect to have such trust and friendship with them, since they were assassins. I think I would have preferred a more paranoid work environment to have to navigate through. We’re assassins, we kill people for money, there are other rival assassin companies–wouldn’t you be super paranoid about being betrayed? Also, why do I have an office? I asked myself “why would I need one?” in the very beginning, and as it turned out, I never even used it. Weird.

Also, I saw the plot twist coming a mile away. I mean really? Why couldn’t I, a trained assassin, notice that Boris was hearding us en masse into these locations that just so happened to become dangerous? Why didn’t I notice that Boris concludes Dante and Marie are dead just from a missed phone call he was expecting from them? How else would the Fallen Angels know where we are and when to strike? And my character’s intelligence stat was quite high!

What I liked most about the game was the missions. It felt to me like my choices mattered in how a mission turned out. I thought the writing was solid, the settings were captivating, and the methods of killing were varied and fun. The only gripe I have concerning the missions is how my character and other characters repeatedly referred to people they were targeting as “evil” or “innocent.” I don’t believe in such black-and-white morality, and besides, I’m an assassin. Because someone else decides they want a person dead, the person will die. Doesn’t that make them evil, too? And am I not also evil for killing people for a paycheck? It didn’t make sense for my character to come to that conclusion. Just because I didn’t kill innocents on purpose doesn’t mean that I’m a good assassin or that I care about the people whose lives I’m ending.

As for replay value, I think I’ll replay a couple times to find more extreme kills and to see what a romance with Phoenix is like, but there’s not much more in it for me. The initial playthrough was fun–I ended up naming my new firm The Black Lily, isn’t that rad?–but there’s not much to keep me coming back again and again.

Anyway, that’s my take on the game. I ultimately enjoyed it and recommend for if you’ve already narrowed down the CoG selection for yourself.

TL;DR: 4 stars. I got what I wanted from the game.


@affairofthedeathless That was a very insightful review. If you haven’t already, might I suggest signing up for some of the beta-tests? I’m sure that sort of feedback could be very valuable.

Thank you. I’ve only been a member of the CoG forums for about an hour, so I’m still poking around, but that sounds like something I’ll have to look into.

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Welcome to the Forums!

It can be enjoyable, a chance to see the unpolished up and coming games, and your feedback has an actual chance to influence the finished product. I think the Ratings War, Diabolical, and possibly Deathless: The City’s Thirst beta tests are currently open.

I’ll be sure to check those out and see how I can contribute. Thanks again for directing me and for the welcome!

So…I like this game, but I have a criticism that for some reason, never occurred to me during testing.

You have to romance the assassin you save. It’s either that, or save none of them. And then you have to romance the leader of the Fallen Angels if you save them - it’s either that, or let them die, or turn them into the authorities. This is all a bit awkward if you want to play as asexual.

That said, I genuinely do like this game a lot. My favourite part was being able to forgive Boris and leave him that note.

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