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that… sounds like a bug O.O

I got the achievement too! Thanks! I think sowing discord with the ppl is what causes Ara/n to find you at the end

after a bit of testing I have found out the following about it:

As long as you create enough chaos to make Ara/n appear in the final segment of the game you are pretty much golden, HOWEVER, the ending will ONLY trigger if you choose to go back to the caravan and settle down, it does not matter what other ending you pick, if you did not choose to go to the Caravan and STAY there the ending will not trigger, that was the one thing I failed to find about it -_- figures doesn’t it.


Thank you so much! I’ll try this later today.

Update: just followed Ell’s tips and got the achievement. PSA - you don’t need Aran/Ara to turn up in Siltstone to get the achievement. I managed to get them there the during an earlier playthrough, but then I was a dumbass during the fight with wolf and got myself eaten. The second time I thought I did everything the same, except Ara/Aran didn’t show up at Siltstone, but I still went to Mara’s Caravan later and they showed up and I got the achievement.

I’m so glad too, because Aran is definitely my favourite character.

Thanks Ell!

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Might not need Ara/Aran to show up, but if he/she does you are probably guaranteed to get it if you follow the instructions for the ending, seeing as you need a high relationship with that person for them to show, as far as I have been able to puzzle it out anyhow.

Just pushed a patch to most platforms (Steam and Amazon pending) that fixes the epilogue bug and a few typos.

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there was a bug in the epilogue? … what exactly does this bug entail? O.O

Does anyone know how to get Chaos Agent achievements? I actually still have 9 more achievements to get but I guess it’s better to focus on one at a time :joy:

can someone. tell me. how to negotiate peace in ishko. Please.

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Is it needed to go certain path to romance Ara(n)?

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wolfmaremaria detailed guides to getting ara/n are further up just follow them, Ell has a good one, just click on the hazy text to reveal it

I saw that,but I don’t want to make some of the choices,and I don’t know which part of them are needed.So basically high selfishness and chaos?

selfishness and chaos but also deliberation and patience, no need for sneakiness though

I think in my first play through it won’t work out.Is there other romance options?(The game itself is truly enjoyable with or without)

[quote=“wolfmarelalala, post:35, topic:27909”]
Is there other romance options?[/quote]
I think the leader of the Wolf enclave is supposed to be available if you are ‘wolfish’ (selfish, rash and chaotic) enough (not sure, he wasn’t interested during my playthrough). Plus definitely an avatar of Gazelle, though I don’t know if there are any restrictions with regards to your path - my MC was all about equity, a pacifist, resenting the Wolf, antagonising the Rising and supporting the gods.

Gazelle’s seer is available pretty much for everyone as long as you accept her proposal when you visit her, though if you shut her hopes down afterwards you can kiss that opportunity goodbye

Yeah,I romanced her in my first playthrough.
Like @Ekaterina said,is the leader of the enclave romanceable?Must I go wolfish way to do it?

wolfish helps, but you can hook up with her in the end if you return to the wolf enclave while making sure you asserted yourself as the one in charge, IIRC though only if you spare her life

Can someone please list all romanceable options for Wolf? Thanks!