The Great Tournament 2 guide

Anyone with a guide as to Great Tournament 2? I’ve been encountering difficulties and currently playing on the Prince storyline.


This link might help you :slight_smile:


Already tried it, didn’t quite have the answers I wanted so I came up with this.

It seems I get creamed a few times as well as seemingly making a few wrong decisions

What outcome you want to obtain ? :wink:

Best possible as a good guy.

The prince route is after marrying Hannah right ?

well… i faintly remember i support Hannah in however i could, defeat Lady Antonia and lead expedition against the Barbarian Lands and defeat all of them … and stay loyal to our marriage , that suppose to be the best outcome as a good guy :slight_smile:

Basically be a good husband and do whatever Hannah ask you to do :wink:

Also couldn’t find out who was really behind the assassination or how to win the war properly.

I’m also aiming for the best ending with Light side.

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Does anyone have tips on battles? My strategy right now is to just do everything else (shoot fireball, form phalanx etc) and then order everyone to attack. Is there a better strategy, what should I attack with in battles? If anyone has tips on surviving glory of valera or 1 vs 1 combat please share them. Looking for any help I cna get, thanks!

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I am doing the same, shoot fireball and arrows first , then charge, i think i won every time like that


Yeah sure thing, thanks.

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Hey i recently playing great tournament 2 again after long time and i forget how to uncover sir cutvell murder. I hope some can help me

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Well I’m still not having luck with certain parts particuarly certain scenes like the battles.

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Looks like no one gonna help us😢

Which parts. Ive finished the game twice as a great leader. And as a great conquerer.

Anyone know how to win the Republic argument?

I try different ways to win… to make the kingdom a normal place… Since the King doesn’t have any children (we all know that Hannah is adopted) I try to help Ashera but we always fail… Im thinking of trying it again but only pin point to the facts that the people agree on… If anyone know please tell me :persevere:

To my fellow Knights, Squires, Highwaymen, Thieves, Scoundrels, Jesters, Ladies and Lords and for all those fans of what has got the be one of the funniest book to read/play (The Great Tournament 1+2. Find below a walkthrough for the ‘Revenge’ storyline for the second instalment of The Great Tournament (2).

There is lots to explore in this story, so for those who have not yet bought it here’s a spoiler…Its worth it! (Not sponsored). This walkthrough will be amended each time I fall flat on my face and die in my pitiful attempts to live in a medieval fantasy world.

So for those who want to unlock all the achievements or those wondering what decisions (not) to make then read on!

Let the games begin…

The Great Tournament 2 Walkthrough - Revenge Storyline (Spoilers ahead!)

New game -

Lost Tournament -

Lost to Sir Vin - in Joust and conceded (or) and lost duel

Nadine - survived

Sir Robert - died in battle

Who did you marry - Nadine
Child - Daughter (Vital to completing storyline)

Manage Town - Anything (haven’t noticed a difference to story)

Go Capital -

Serve Hannah wine

  • Answer politely

We would appreciate aid

Your too busy to manage Tournament

Yes, but many are not in fighting condition

I am not sure if I can…

Your a bloody Monster

Fine…I will be more…

Collect a small war tax (Malik will try to kill you and all your men so there is no point)


Excuse everyone - (everyone you take will die)

Do the best that I can

We simply did not have the funds

I assume you, my people

You and I will both go. Nadine… (Note: Haven’t explored options here)

Nod and leave (otherwise Malik wastes your time getting wine)

Engage battle

“Very Well”

Retreat - (You can try to retreat but you will eventually have to stand and fight to last man)

Attack with all force until last man

Fight on until blacked out - Eadic carries you out of fight

Tell Malik…

"What the hell…

"He’s not …

“I can’t do it.”

Chapter two - this is where to story starts with MC child

“We have to go back”.

Make up name


Take my horse…

“Thank you”.

A tremendous show…

Put my ear…

"I should probably make myself useful…

I’ll be fine…

I will stay with…

I like fighting with sword (Note: Haven’t explored options here)


"Looks like easy gold…


Try to take a look at the cargo (Critical for this story otherwise you will not be able to get out of being killed by Malik)

Steal one of the daggers (Ditto)

Pull out my dagger and guard Anne.

Thank her

“Revenge”/ "I’m not sure…

Pack things

Nod and say I have

Hug Arlo

Explore City (Go everywhere buy sword, armour, books, Cape and hood)

Hire someone to escort me (Warning: Don’t book passage on trade caravan you will get caught)

Head to markets -

Head to mayors office - Walk away slowly - Run for it - got to old house - Leave for Van Mountain Pass

You will meet an old man - make up name (Surprise backstory)

"How did you keep…

Downplay it

Training - Short sword

Who was in control of that meeting? - The Merchant

How would you leave tavern? - Wait for distraction

Let Sir…Respond

Back to Capital

"Some nobles are looking for bodyguards…

"Come on…I can…

Follow his lead…

Wait for the right opportunity…

Look for another weapon.

Throw rock…

Gladiator Achievement -

(at this point you will likley have:

3 strength
10 Agility (defensive fighting)
2 Leadership
4 Intelligence
13 Wisdom
0 Diplomacy

My Tactics…

Shove man away…

Keep calm

Begin beating…

Pretend to hit…

State I may have a better method…

Did you send someone to protect

This was all told to you by the driver?

“Of course, my liege.”

“Step aside…”

"Perhaps; where did your master

Stand still

How do you know?

Make choice - (???)

Show him emerald dagger - (Framed Merchant)

“You visit the apothecary often?”

Delve Deeper (Not really required)

Option (???)

“No way you’re going without me!”

Remain silent. (Go with Queen Hannah).

“I think we should sneak in.”

Scout the are looking for ways inside.

(hidden option) Try to find someone that works in the jail.

Wisdom check -

Breakdown wall


Jump over

Sneak up on the reading guard

Lean the guard

“Its not my blood”.

Take the right path (or) Left, (or) Centre (or) split up

chosen - Centre

Remain calm

"I’m one of the guards daughters…

David (Wrong option)


Rescue Nadine (Prison break achievement)

You find your father… (achievement) - Freed family

Option -

Chosen - Shake head, Go with Hannah.



Chosen - It isn’t Hannah behind the rumours of a coup

Grab weapon


Your Father (Do not choose option)

The nobles

Sir Robert

I am


Amended -
Take the right path (or) Left, (or) Centre (or) split up

Note: - go left - (For funny scene) for centre - Remain calm - "I’m one of the guards daughters…

If you are looking for a fight say the wrong answer (anything but Gerald)

If you say “Gerald” - a guard tries to show you where he is and you can knock him out.

The correct option is - left

Rescue Nadine (Prison break achievement)

You find your father… (Savior achievement) - Freed family

Option -
Go with family - (Haven’t explored option)

Chosen - Shake head, Go with Hannah.


Attack Malik

Grab weapon - Staff (crucial to winning)

Win game! Congratulations!

Just to see what would happen if you chose another option when confronting Malik at end of game:

Chosen - It isn’t Hannah behind the rumours of a coup

Who is it?

  • Your Father (Do not choose option) Hannah will die then you get stabbed - you do kill Malik as you are dying at end.
  • The nobles (Haven’t explored option)
  • Sir Robert (Haven’t explored option)
  • I am (After revealing your identify you get put in prison and Hannah helps you to escape).

Malik still lives :frowning:


How to get the staff?

The nobles is the correct answer. Malik will arrest many of them, making it easy for Hannah to overthrow him.