The Great tournament Summary

Hello, well this is my first time to do such thing as this. Please do respect my grammar and some technicalities because English is not my Primary language. Please be guided it my not work for you but I had so much time for this game.

For starters, you begin as a 15 year old boy. You have a bestfriend named Varys (I may not have the correct names) throughout the game hes with me. For me, I built my character to have high Agility and Intelligence. Most of the built will randomly add up based on the choices you make. For me, I did more of Riding and melee skill. Suprisingly, I was a better Archer than anyone else in the game. Back to the story, you will join the team melee battle and will be task to look for the 3 other member. Just dont go to the back of the alley…you will get beaten and will be robbed there. I was joined by the Wood carver Jacob, Abiliene from the Stands, and the Fat kid Tomnem. They will be there in the tournament as promised. For my case, I practiced with Varys then discussed my plan…I choose to have less formation to win the crowd but the goal is to win…something like that. Then have a rest. I used spear. During the Tournament you will face more older and bigger opponents. My strategy was to slow them down. Along the game Varys will always be in trouble during matches or war, I end up saving him and get good results. So here will be his first time. Always do a defensive offense and make the enemy do the first attack, I get to either avoid fatal blows or make them miss their attacks. I end up winning the tournament and pleased the crowd. Then, the tavern game, have fun with Varys and the ladies(I must have forgot which came here first). Then go home, tell you sibling about what happened.

Then, your father got beaten and you will be asked by Sir Roberts to accompany him troughout his journeys. He will then ask you to become his Squire and take care of Midnight his horse.

You meet Princess Hannah in the Capital, she will be with Midnight. Just say something sweet and smart, eventually I get to marry her in the end and have to kids. Let her spar with Varys, it is really fun when he discovered she was a Princess. So far, you get to be in the feast. You will meet some nobles, particularly the villain Sir Curwill. The King has no heir to the throne, the plot will take you “who will be next to the King”. Later on, Sir Robert will leave you in the Capital you must follow him secretly. It will take you to know who is working behind Sir Curwill, the young noble. Then explore the city with Princess Hannah. After that you will be assigned to gather a group of militia at Redhood. Make a small militia and train more foot men it will unlock Shield wall this will be a good advantage later on. Train some footmen and little of Archers. This scenario will lead you to Ben the fire mage. He will be a good asset to your team. I never learned to Firebend but maybe I get in to the game again and learn how to get it. You assign people to horn,driver, leading the wagon etc…I lead the wagon while Ben as driver…because he is an old man. You will fight bandits, use Shield wall then attack them witH Archers then footmen. When you reach the destination, the General there will not make your leave. Release Ben and trust him. He will come back. Do the Sentry, Scouting and Guarding. It guve you lots of credits and unmask the spy within. It will be a bloody battle and all my characters were alive after the war.

There will be a lot of side stories after the war. Some I cant recall. Sir Robert will enter a tournament then some will attempt to poison him. Never give the wine to Robert. You will know later on that Franklin is dead. Robert will act as if he was poisoned you must be able to act like he was. The servant will get killed and you will be ambushed somewhere. Sir Robert eventually turned you to a Knight, I choose to fight beside him until the end. You may not able to save him but it will open doors to you. As a request Robert will give you a letter, at first I was tempted to read it but choose not to its really just a goodbye letter to Melisa. Lady Melisa will make you Lord of Redwood. The King will anounce the great tournament.

As Lord of Redwood you will be managing the
City, training, doing things with Nadine, Ben…i was not able to attend all of the events. There will be important events you cant miss like the Royal feast, moon festival and jousting. This will also be your chance to woe Princess Hannah. You will be able to meet 3 other women. I was able to woe and spend the night with Abilene. I visit and let her win her games. The other to Nadine and Ashera…I leave it to you. But still I get to marry Hannah in the end. Watch out for the dates and the days to travel. Its very tricky to train, woe, buy stuff and manage towns at the same time.

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Nah, nothing serious in terms of grammar errors. Just a few capitalization errors, a few articles aren’t in place and then some punctuation errors.
However, you didn’t really talk about the “Great Tournament”. I also suggest, that when making a summary, write what you think was shown well in the game, and what wasn’t(Basically pros and cons).
Otherwise, good job!