The Great Tournament 2 Help [SPOILERS]

Hello. I’m new to the forum.

I’ve been playing Great Tournament 2, and in the storyline where Malik is king, I’m currently OP’s son and working as his spy. I’ve played it 5 different ways, but cannot frame the merchant, and Malik just ends up killing me. I’m getting frustrated playing the whole story repeatedly. Can someone help me out here?

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There is 2 choices when you spying the merchant, choose look into the crates then steal the dagger. When Malik wait for your report, there’s a single option appears to give the dagger to Malik, about killing Malik, attack him with a staff, not a short sword

Great tournament 2 … anyone knows who is actually responsible for trying to kill mc and Hannah at the tournament with nightwood???

Pretty sure they are bandits. If you piece it together it’s revealed Brunich is going through a food crisis and that deserters have been immigrating to Magincia and turning to banditry to support their lives. That’s why the black knight has a foreign voice.

They are not actually bandits…they are raiders from the brunich here to raid foods…and the people that attacked MC and Queen are highly trained soldier or assassins also send by brunich to kill them and to cause chaos.

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Hello all
I’m going crazy over this achievement and I can’t seem to be able to get it. Can somebody help me and point me in the right direction???

Pls… I have spent many hours looking for it and no luck.

As a side note, I loved the game! This one and the first! Great stories!

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What achievement ? There are many

Peehaps the author @Jerieth could help ? :slight_smile:

Sorry, the name of the achievement was in the thread title, and when I moved the post here, it got lost. @perrucaEstrada is looking for the “Gladiator” achievement.

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@Eric_knight Gladiator. Last one to get a perfect score.
I can’t leave the game incomplete…

Thanks for the help @Gower
As you can tell, I’m new here.

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Play the Justice for Magincia story-line (The one were you lose the Great Tournament and play as the MC’s kid) and attend the tryouts for becoming a noble’s bodyguard. Sir Robert won’t like the idea, but if you persist you might be able to convince him.

Hint - You need to be female since King Malik has a thing for female bodyguards.

Then survive…good luck.


So I’m playing on the prince path. And im just done taking over Brunich’s capital and lady Antonia asked to see me in her cell. She told me that ser Robert is alive and she will tell me where he is if I let her go. Is he really still alive? Because I really don’t want to start a war with rebels over nothing.

In Great Tournament 1, Sir Robert live for my ending… hence i don’t need Lady Antonia information…but in your case, i think she told the truth

Does anyone know how to become king early on without Hanna winning and becoming queen because I have tried every thing

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You don’t become the king early on, Hannah will always win the vote.

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Yep, cannot. First time reading i was furious. Wish there was a choice to show that i was angry in game… would have been nice lol


You never win the vote,the only way you can become king is by rebelling against Hannah at the end

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Thank you i literally spammed the restart button to check everything

I had yet to try it out yet, However, I suspect if you chose to become king at the end of the tournament of the game 1, you should be able to continue be 1 if you are imported the runthrough

For the second time it’s not possible to be king at the start of the game, even if I you import a game where you asked to be the king.

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