The Great Tournament 2 Help [SPOILERS]

For the second time it’s not possible to be king at the start of the game, even if I you import a game where you asked to be the king.

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thank you for telling me.(Wholehearted)

You can’t get the king at the start of the game and even if you ask to become King for the boon from the first game, you will get out voted, so at the end of the game you can rebel against Hannah or if you marry Hannah, you will have the ability to ask her to give you the crown or you can ask to share the crown and rule as King and Queen : )

Hi guys, there are three things I have been wondering about during my playthroughs and if anyone here knows the answer to those questions, I’m all ears !

The first one is in relation to the “The student becomes the teacher” achievement. So far I couldn’t beat Sir Robert no matter what, I can’t figure out how to, even with maxed combat stats. In all my playthroughs, on all my devices, with all stat combinations. Now I’m looking for some tips to get it done.

The sencond is about the “heart of a warrior” achievement, I managed to unlock it randomly a few times but I have a feeling that there is no consistent path to beating the knight. And since I do the Prince playthrough with the same stats and options each time I’m rather sure of that, unless of course if I’m missing something in which case I really want to hear it.

The last one isn’t really about gameplay in itself, more about a feature. When you’re playing as Lord of Redwood with Hannah as queen and are sent to Valra you get the opportunity to send letters to your wife and she might respond by sending you a drawing of her. So far I’ve only ever gotten it with Semia, can you get one with the other girls as well or is it exclusive to Semia ?

Hi guys I am new to the game and a total noob and it would be great if someone could fill me in on how the boon choices and other choices carry over from the first game. Also, what’s included in the full game as I haven’t bought it yet. Thanks!

If MC win the tournament and marry Princess Hannah, the sequal is about how to help Hannah to rule Magincia as husband and advisor, there will be wars and diplomatic envoy for the storyline…this is the best route

If MC lose the tournament , Hannah marry to Malik and live a terrible life, MC will play as GT1 MC’s children.and embark a vengence route…
This route is very sorrowful

Then MC win tournament but never marry Hannah, MC marry another RO, this route MC will still have a fun path playing as Hannah 's ally and have a different quests on helping the kingdom


Thanks man! And what about the glory of valra and staff of power? Are they any good?

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Glory of Valra is good

I hadn"t try staff of power yet, this game is huge !!!
Definitely well worth the money for so many contents

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Yeah thanks man, looking forward to buying the full game soon!

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Does anyone have tips on battles? My strategy right now is to just do everything else (shoot fireball, form phalanx etc) and then order everyone to attack. Is there a better strategy, what should I attack with in battles? If anyone has tips on surviving glory of valera or 1 vs 1 combat please share them. Looking for any help I cna get, thanks

For 1v1 combat in glory of valra I dodged him first, then when his back was open I kicked him and won, then after I won he said to finish him and I refused so he was alive to tell the barbarians to let me leave and I got back to the capital. Not sure if I wouldn’t have otherwise, that’s just what happened with that turn of events. I’ve only played glory of valra once. I’ll try a few different combos and let you know

Does anyone know which weapon is a faraka in the negotiation with the fox hunters?

It’s pillum, the javelin

Anyone have a walkthrough for the Prince path while remaining a good guy?

Just help Queen Hannah solve everything and don’t cheat on her right?

I tried and kind of failed.

Anyone with a step by step walkthrough or whatever?

So… Is anatolia marriageable? I’ve already tried the 5 from the kingdom and the other one from valra… Is there other more?

Nope antonia is not marraige able pretty sure the ros are Hannah,Nadine,Ashera,Semia,The one from Valra her name was Katarina i think, and ofcourse my favourite Abiliene.