Can Sir Robert survive during The Great Tournament?

I tried several times and even followed a guide to try and save Sir Robert. Is he supposed to die in all endings? If so, I hate that he dies in all of them, he was my favorite character during the story

well, he can

Yes, but you don’t find out he survived until near the end iirc

Thanks, I found this out after posting the question, as I continued playing after his supposed death in the forest

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Yes, you can. But only by winning the tournament and choosing the option of requesting for the Princess Hannah hand in marriage, being the heir to the throne or outright king as your reward. But you won’t find out about it till later if my memory serves me right.

Genuine question, spoilers should also be marked in his type of post? Like “does X dies at the Ned of Y?” as a title is pretty spoiler warning no?

… Now that I think about it, maybe the title itself should be changed, is a spoiler that gets right to the forum

Yes. In the prison on the last scene

also in the book 2 you can choose

Don’t click the second one if you haven’t play book 2