The Great Tournament Hints

Anyone know how to get magic?


The game didn’t even release yet, as far as I know.

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It has but only on the AppStore

When getting ready for war, you will hear about an old man giving trouble. Hear him out.

Accept him joining in exchange of his grandsons, and when he wants to leave in the war, allow him.

Once the war is finished, and you can visit him (I dont want to spoil too much) he will mention a broken staff. Go get him one from the city he mentions. From there on, you can continue easily.

It is out I’ve just downloaded it

[spoiler]Just use the spoiler tags[/ spoiler] or under the sprocket there is an option to spoiler anything chosen.

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But when you go to the city he says, Firebend I think was the name, you can get his new staff from the academy showing them the amulet/coin, and THEN you get a choice to learn fire magic but I never actually tried to learn it, so I dont know if you need something extra.

And thanks for the spoiler tip, a new trick learned xD

Hi, can anybody tell me how I know Shara? Asharea (I can not remember her name) I just do not know how to get it unlocked

Warning! Spoilers below!

I am not entirely sure, but I think you have to also have a high intelligence. After the war when you go visit ben on the farm, there is an option where you can ask him to teach you fire magic, he will then proceed by saying you need a natural talent in order for him to teach you quicker/easily. After doing that, when you go to firebend and ask for a new staff, you then can ask for training and they’ll then help you since you’ve unlocked some of your powers.


I had just finish the game yesterday and obtain the Best ending, i put my own remark on a separate forum

But to Answer your question, Yes we can learn magic and becomes a Fire Mage, that’s the only magic in the game, however, the thing is…even if we learn Fire Magic, we can’t use it …i think it is just a boast in wisdom (maybe my stats are not high enough to use it?)

But i did manage to learn it… so here it goes :slight_smile:

after you becomes Lord of Redwood , you have a choice to improve 3 stats , choose one of them as intelligent , you will have option to visit Ben the Fire Mage

visit Ben, tell him you are interested to become Fire Mage, he will test you… and choose the option “clear your mind” in the last choice you make, you will gain the ability

Then Ben will ask you retrieve a staff in Firebend, visit FireBend academy and tell them Ben ask you to retrieve his staff… retrieve the staff and tell the Master you have the talent of Fire Magic, show it to him and he will say you need 4 years of training, where you tell him you can’t stay here 4 years, he will give you manual on learning the Fire Magic…

that’s it for me, i went back to Ben and the academy but there is no more option for me to learn it, i am not sure whether i should visit another place or have a higher stats to use it…because i am more concern about the main tournament to save the princess… so i get the magic ability but didn’t have option to use it in battle :slight_smile:

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Visit that town where you have a ruin and scholar …i forget the town name…

visit the ruin , choose not involve the debate and look around, you should meet her and will have romance option with her if you be her debate partner and find the “lost book”, for the lost book you have to look for it through the ruin until you find it by chance:)

Using Fire Magic [spoiler!]

You can use a fireball to defeat Malik Cuthvell when you challenge him for hand to hand combat at the final battle. I think it’s the only moment where you can use the fire magic, though.

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Thank you:)

For my final battle, there is no jousting at all… i enter the arena (after escaping from the assassins), it is a hand to hand combat immediately, i only have the option of whether i yield or fight-on

and when the fight start, i don’t have the option of casting Fireball… How and where to learn the Fire spell after obtaining the spell book in Firebend?

Yeah… I guess the final battle has no jousting at it :sweat_smile:

But there’s this moment that I’m given the option to go offensive, defensive, or use fireball although I learned no fire magic :confused:

I think maybe due to your high intelligent :slight_smile:

i have an option to Bash Malik with my shield though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah… My int was 6 IIRC… although the fireball’s option grayed out.

But same here, I just bash Malik out of my way :laughing:

I must read it all over again :slight_smile:

hahah yeah…slashing Malik’s throat is the most satisfactory outcome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and i jump up and down when i realise i finally save Hannah from Malik :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The table below shows how long it should take you to get from one city to another. This table assumes that you are delayed one day each time you travel. All values are in days.

Note that the time from city A to city B is not always equal to the time from city B to city A. Also, sometimes the fastest route is not the direct route! For example, to go directly from Capital to Warrington takes 18 days (with the above assumption), but if you go through Northbury, you can do it in 10 or better!

From\To 	Cap	Eas	Fir	Nor	Pen	Ram	Red	Sut	Tar	Ver	War	Wil
Capital 	0	5	9	4	9	8	3	3	8	13	10	6
Eastborne	4	0	13	8	13	12	7	7	3	8	14	10
Firebend	5	10	0	9	14	12	8	8	13	18	12	6
Northbury	9	9	5	0	13	6	3	11	11	15	6	7
Pendle  	9	14	18	13	0	17	12	6	14	9	19	15
Ramshorn	7	3	7	2	15	0	5	9	5	9	8	9
Redwood 	6	8	8	3	11	5	0	9	10	14	9	4
Sutton  	3	8	12	7	6	11	6	0	11	15	13	9
Tarnstead	7	3	16	11	14	15	10	10	0	5	17	13
Veritas 	12	8	21	16	9	20	15	15	5	0	22	18
Warrington	13	13	9	9	17	10	7	15	15	19	0	4
Willow Dale	9	9	5	5	13	6	3	11	11	15	6	0

Here’s everything you need to know about mining in Northbury. It is unlocked after spending 1 day exploring the city. The first day you attempt to mine, you have to spend 50 gold on a mining permit, which is good for 10 days. After that, you can renew it for 25 gold for 10 more days.

Then you are presented with an option to search north, west, or east. For the purposes of this analysis, I’ve classified the potential rewards as None, Small, or Big. None means 0 gold, Small means 10 gold, and Big varies by direction. The Big reward is 250 gold if you search North, 400 gold if you search West, and 150 gold if you search East. However, the probability of each reward level also varies by direction. I don’t know the exact probabilities, but I have collected some data.

Raw Counts of Occurrences
Reward 	North	West	East
None	59    	117  	106
Small	62    	12   	14
Big  	29    	21    	30
Total	150  	150 	150

Now, it’s been several years since I took a statistics course, so my error bounds may be off.

Probability of Each Reward Level
     	North	    West    	East
None	39% +/-8	78% +/-7	71% +/-8
Small	41% +/-8	 8% +/-5 	 9% +/-5
Big    	19% +/-7	14% +/-5	20% +/-7

Note that even after 150 samples at each location, the confidence of each probability is not great. However, we’re playing a game here, not building a bridge. The following table estimates how much gold you will earn each turn, excluding all fees and turns spent dealing with the mining pass.

Expected Gold per Turn
North 	West 	East
52.5	56.8	30.9

Based on this data, my recommendation would be to choose North. When compared to West, the difference in long term gains is within the margin of error, but the North option provides returns with more consistency. I can say with confidence that East is the wrong choice.

Interestingly, if you are going for the Midas achievement, I was able to collect all this data in a single run. It let me go into negative days, and I amassed 26,000 gold. Then I left Northbury for the Capital, and I was able to participate in the tournament despite missing it by hundreds of days.


When your leading a caravan to bring supplies to the troops, and you hear the horn sound once, is that the signal for an attack or be cautious?