The Great Tournament Hints

It means that Sir Robert saw the enemy or something like that, anyway, maintain your position :slight_smile:

Ok thank you very much

How do I get to every single tournament on time?_

Dear God in Heaven. Remind me never to game competitively against you. You don’t mess around, do you?

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Why do you want to? In my playthroughs, I’ve generally been able to get my stats as high as I need, even on Hard mode, without going to every single tournament. I’m not even sure if it’s possible, since training at Redwood takes 10 days per discipline.

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I get into the all tournament. And only win the archery one :expressionless:

someone call tell me what are the names of the villages/citys where I can buy the news items? (like the armor,sword,cape etc etc )

I tried the game and it is fun. the story is good.

here is what i have so far in game

The great tournament *easy mode
Check all make int + 2

Fun and exciting
Smart but foolish
Wait For perfect moment to strike
Pick sure

Play darts
*Do not pay 1 gold gold for double points trust me, just hit last shot
Play drinking game
Order more drink to make it fair then let the ladies go first
Pretty random i think *if you get the concoction just cough it out
Eat *this will increase hp.

Intervene makes you fight the kid

Tell her the truth
Tell him what happened

why not hung over
Sounds interesting
Check it out

Sneak in then climb the wall
Melee tournament then choose team name
Enjoy festivities, He is skilled +1 teammate
Go look for party
Weapon shop, Go talk to carver+1 teammate
Game stands, Yeah im serious +1 teammate
Food Stalls, Talk with big kid +1 teammate
Discuss strat choose loose formation but play to win
practice, then rest
Sword and shield, move forward, defense, help varys

pick good at standing and slingshot warding off wild animals
some kind of strategy
*I chose to have full conversation, you can choose to remain silent

I read book to increase INT more, you can choose different one

*Courting or not
Court Beautiful horse, Sure, 1st option, Doubt selling horse, be courteus
Hold and kiss her hand *if there is no point in dipplomacy this option wont show
Look for permission

Playing as a nobleman
Picked Nobleman’s outfit
invited by princess
2nd house(nobleman’s house not your name)
Play along, The second, North,

I kind of not know yet how the game stats progress so i cant provide how will the other option affect the stats.

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This game is cool… i had just finish it yesterday…honestly i read it even after midnight, because it was so exciting i just want to finish reading it in my first read. And i can tell you it is worth it, i plan to re-read it again , this time slower to enjoy the “feel” of it, all over again:)

I kind of chose the similar “choices” as yours but for the “feat” with the princess, i chose a different storyline (it seems), i don’t much care of the stats because i am more interested with the storyline and i believe my choice allow me to have potential romance with Princess Hannah, i am not sure whether your choice will have the same effect, maybe it won’t matter…

Here was my choice of action, and i play it as i am really the protagonist :slight_smile:

  1. Bought the Squire uniform ( because it is my true status, and i believe Sir Robert treasure honesty )
  2. Told the guard i am Sir Robert’s squire
  3. Walk to the garden , here i notice my story line was different from yours because i manage to find Princess Hannah arguing with that evil Culvelt
  4. Intervene, I intervene when Culvelt was about to slap the princess
  5. Remain silent, i kept silent when cultvelt insulted me
  6. Sit with Sir Robert, there was a choice to sit with Princess Hannah which i didn’t chose because i think the time was not right yet, me and the princess were not that deep in relationship yet, although i suspect the princess will welcome me because i had just save her

Ok i leave it here just so not to spoil too many detail, but part of the reason of my choices was i want to stay out of trouble as instruct by Sir Robert, if i over expose myself too much it may not be respectful to Sir Robert (my lord), that’s why i don’t sit with Princess Hannah as it might offended Sir Robert or disguise like a nobleman…

I can review that there is a possible of 4 Romances in the game, but for me…i chose to commit to only one. There will be an option where your romance interest will ask whether you will committed to her, i don’t know what happen if i committed to multiple partners, you can have good relationship with all 4 romance options until the option where they ask you whether you will commit to them, for me i only chose to commit to Hannah

the 4 Romance options i notice are :slight_smile:

  1. Princess Hannah
  2. Ashery (i forgot her name actually, so this may not be the actual name)

My choice lead me to have possible romance with Hannah , Nadine and Ashery…But as i said, i only chose Hannah in the end. I think i made a wrong choice with the option with Aberine so the commit option was not there with her

Towards the end, I chose my Boon to be to ask for Princess Hannah 's Hand for Marriage… Princess Hannah agree due to my earlier commitment and “adventure” with her, So i become the Crown Prince and rule with Hannah ( and 2 kids ) happily ever after.

I also manage to find out that Sir Robert is alive and save him from his captive(s)

i have the achievement of “with the Wisdom of Solomon” so a very Good ending for me :slight_smile:


I also finished this game! Hell, I slept around 1am in the morning since I can’t put down my phone because the story is soooo amazing! :smiley:

@Eric_knight I did really feel the essence of this game… Got me hooked since I first read it… I envy you for having the best ending so far… :frowning: For me, well seems like luck is not on my side.

For romances and the succeeding scenes, here’s what happened on my first playthrough…

-Princess Hannah - started romance and making out with her eventually marrying her and had 2 children.

  • Nadine - I did not managed to help her survive during the war :frowning: (I almost threw my phone after learning it…)
    -Abilene? - did not met her
    -Ashera - started romance and making out with her… just that… no marriages… :stuck_out_tongue: Hannah is on my mind to marry after all :wink:

The Great Tournament:

I sucked at it… Lost to Malik Cuthvell in the elimination… And never found out if Sir Robert lived… :confused:

So… yeah … that’s that I guess…

Oh, and one more thing… just found out a major awesome glitch in my second playthrough… Gonna test it later if it will really affect the game… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Bro John :slight_smile:

We should met Abilene from the beginning when we form a team melee right ? Find her in the game stall where she beat Vary, so i invite her in… Then i believe we must return to Satun, our original hometown for the Moon Festival (i forgot the date) and we will meet her again , so you can carry on from there, i suspect it is a litter tricky with our choice, i made one mistake and she just consider me as friend after that :slight_smile:

As for Nadine, during the war when the Catapult launch, choose grab her and take cover… but now since you mention she might die at the war, perhaps you should increase Agility from the beginning ? i remember my agility was 3 by that time…i guess it was agility because Nadine thrive on archery ( which affected by agility) …i never thought i can lost Nadine because she is an essential companion who teach me archery, only with her guide that i won the archery contest , and to romance her you must catch a fox and a rabbit to give her as gift:) And in the great tournament , i indistinctly chose her to stay with me for archery contest, she will check everything for me , gave me advice and i won it ;D she even mention she can borrow me a better bow if i ask her earlier, which i must find out where is that option…but never-the-less she did everything she can to help me win, she is definitely our most loyal girl-friend even though i told her i cannot commit a marriage to her, she didn’t even thought of betraying me and i really feel bad…

As for the tournament, i thought we must win it in order to gain Hannah’s hand ? i was anticipating a close-call as well because i am seriously so worry that i will lose and cannot bear to think the heartbroken face of Hannah…especially she wrote a letter to motivate me, but it said i notice the letter was soaked with her tears…ahhhhhhh, the thought of that just make me awoke the whole night… i must finish the fight !!!

Here are few things maybe i did it different ? I train on stamina, so in the end i have 55 Life Points, i train on sword play earlier and like i said i improve my agility … in the end , when Eadia ask me to go ahead, i go ahead and don’t stay to fight (because i know assassins are no match for him)… then when the option of yield appear , i simply ignore it and choose fight on (even though Eadia advice me to yield after witnessing Malik killed Lord Borne), so in the fight… I Bash Malik with my shield, i suppose it was a good move because it said Malik wasn’t expecting that, and i had actually bought a Good Shield ( i didn’t buy the armour)… and i fought conservative in the beginning , with the fact i know my Life is much more than him, then when i still have around 50 Life compare to his 10… i attack offensively , with the logic let us both suffer damage but Malik will die before me…so you can imagine i jump up when finally i Slash Malik’s throat with my sword …woohoooo, i ask for Hannah’s hand , the King grant it…but Malik’s father took Hannah away, i believe here we must have good archery skill…because i manage to hit him accurately and thus save Hannah from him…

Before the final match, i chose to trust Lord Borne and form an alliance with him, i share all information with him…i think Lord Borne manage to hurt Malik before he die, that’s perhaps Malik’s Life was quite lower than me… and for my semi-final, i bought a good horse ( and the good shield) and maybe i also train on joust, i manage to hit my opponent hard and he fall from horse servery, he didn’t had a chance even to duel me…so i reserve my Life Point

For Sir Robert, during the ambush …i disobey him when he asked me to run away, i came back for him and believe me, this choice was awesome, i said “i am not your squire anymore so you can’t order me around " , then i said " and let you have all the glory for yourself ?”…wow…it was a great morale boaster when we fought our way out, i think Sir Robert slay at least 30 more assassins before finally going down…he hide me beneath a bush when i was injured and fainted… so on Vary’s word, he only saw them took his body away. and when Melinda asked are you sure Sir Robert die? i answer i am not sure…

Hahahah… what a great adventure it had been, i always love the story of a true chivalrous Knight, nowadays not many author write about the Knight in shinning Armour anymore, this is really a good refreshing story…

Rejoice with the Happily ever after xD


By the way John…

one more thing, you remember the 5th test , the secret test right?

I brought along Ben and i think i made the right choice, because one of the judge is a Fire Mage and he knows Ben, more ever Ben gave me his amulet earlier, which he said few important nobles and Mage will recognise it and will increase diplomacy skill (where they are more likely to hear me out)

i also chose to tell all the truth (good and bad), then the final question about the boon… i answer to ask for Princess Hannah’s hand for marriage…

I think i score quite high in the final test, i lost in my melee against thrall…but in the end, i score 42 points…a tie for second place with Lord Borne, so it allow me to enter semifinal


I had 15 kids with hannah lol

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Hahaha great…xD

2 kids are more than i can handle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This game/book is awesome right ?? xD

actually i think it is better than those main stream books, the reason we read and play is for us to feel happy, good and enjoy …not to feel moody again after reading some “serous” novel, like that cough cough *… G of T

@Eric_knight Hey Hey Hey! :grinning:

For the first team melee I only managed to recruit the sculptor (Caber, I guess?)… I never went to the game stands. At the food stall, I chose to talk to the thief rather than the fat kid… Gonna try to romance with Abilene though…

About Nadine, I have around 5 agility but 1 archery skill when the war began… On the catapult scene I have Varys beside me instead. On the siege when we regrouped I had Sir Robert, Eadic, Varys and Nadine with. I choose to fight on and the next scene I chose to retreat having Eadic shot in the chest, I really thought he was done for until when the war is over… (SURPRISE!) everyone survived except Nadine… What a bummer… :confused:

After the being eliminated on the eliminations on The Great Tournament, I did manage to marry Hannah somehow… Believe me, I was the most surprised when I read this.

On the final test I brought Ashera and she also noticed on of the old dudes to be a scholar of some sort and provided me guidelines…

I guess I also just say to Melinda that I did not know if Robert’s dead…

Yeah, this game is really a refreshing and fun honestly… :smiley:

Oh and I never read any GOT books… Just watched them though… Funny thing is always picture Jamie Lannister as Robert , and Princess Hanna as Sam’s wife Gilly… (If you’re familiar with them by the way)…


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Im assuming youre talking about that intellegence glitch at the choosing your stats, good news it doesnt work. I tried it once and all intellegence test in the first run wasnt affected.

Im going to try this play trough with some minor changes on my part :grin:

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Have you also noticed the nobleman in this story? it was a another Hosted game Called Swamp Castle ,its a great story.

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Wait, I thought Hannah was the only RO in his game because of how the story is. Can anyone give me some hints on the other 3. I also never met Ashery in my playthrough.

After the war… You need to visit a town where there is a ruin and scholar library, visit the ruin. Don’t engage with the debate but go to search the ruin, randomly Ashery will be there… I only met her in my 2nd visit

As for Nadine, visit her before and after the war, I think you must at least train one archer during the levy because Nadine will be one of the Archer … Keep her safe during war, give you a hint, don’t ever retreat from a fight;-). After the war , choose to upgrade agility for a choice to visit her. Visit her few times for training , then go for hunting…choose small game , randomly you may find fox and rabbit, try capture them… You may need to try many times base on agility… Gift both fox and rabbit to her … You may then state your feeling to her;-)

As for Abilene… Find her in the beginning on the game stall and invite her to join you team melee… Then after war, visit satun , your home town during the Moon festival around 120 days left… Please check the date in game so that you don’t miss it. I forgot the exact date. Look for Abilene and try your choice to attract her, I made wrong choice so I fail to romance her.

Well I only commit to Princess Hannah though … Maybe that’s why I only have 2,children? :slight_smile: