Need help with a Lost Heir playthrough

Ok, I’ve played it over and over and over and I can’t seem to crack the secret of being a Sage, primarily using magic, and still having both of your companions survive the final battle with Thuja. Has anyone done it?

To quantify;

I’m trying to be a Sage, with over 50/60 magic, and 50 strength or agility minimum. If this is physically impossible, then please tell me so.

This is definitely possible. Although I’d suggest “piggybacking” off one of the special professions that foster parents give you. For instance, want agility? Go for the agile options in the beginning, choose Amos, and become a bard (gives agility bonus. While thief does as well, Bard also gives some arcana and other bonuses that are good.) Going for strength? Do the strength options, choose Sir Grady, become a Squire. After that just make sure you have 40 arcana and keep upping your Magic.

Personally I’d select the magic option in the dream, spellbook as your childhood gift, magic every chance you get as well. I’d like to make an in-depth guide, but my eyes are screaming at me to go to sleep, alongside the rest of my body…

Big thing too. If you can make it to 70 good and pay the 50 gold to heal Suno/Suna he/she can train you and give you +10 magic alongside a sizable boost to blades and archery. If you don’t wanna go through that hassle you can just study magic with Jace/Jess in Elmville. That gives a magic bonus. Studying with them en route to the ruins does NOT give a magic boost.


Ok, I’ve cracked it at last. You need to be a squire and train with Theo/Thea at every opportunity, as well as with Sir Grady just to push you over the edge. Everything else can be done magically.

Back again, different question. How do you become a paladin?

Need to be a Cleric and have experience as a guard or squire. To be a Cleric you need to train once in priest first, then going back and choosing cleric instead of priest.

Getting a level or 2 in sage is great because it means you can get the prestige class Dragon-Rider

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How do you become a blademaster?

Have a high blade stat and a sword then when the time comes to pick your prestige/master class choose to “find someone who can train you with a sword” or something like that and then when the guy shows up just don’t be a dick to him