Lost Heir : Fall of Daria


Ok so can someone tell me how the hell do I gain level in druid ? I never have that option even though I have high nature/magic =/


I moved this to hints since that seemed more appropriate.
Anyways to gain a level in Druid you need 20 magic, spellbook, and need to train as a Nature Guide in Ludd.

Also you should ask these questions in the main TLH thread. There is a good chance that any questions you may have would be answered somewhere on there. Otherwise one of the TLH fanatics (me included) would probably be able to help.


You cannot start as a druid – you’ll either have to take a level in some other class (priest is good if you need magic) or take one of the classless options Select the “Be a nature guide” option in ludd (the city right after the sheep quest is resolved) and you’ll get the opportunity for both Ranger and Druid.


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