Can you become lich using unarmed in lost heir of daria?

Can i? Ive tried twice now but i cant seem to.
I just gotta know if its passiable

There is no Lich class in TLH.

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You mean Life of a Wizard right?

Honestly Monks really, really, REALLY get screwed in The Lost Heir and it’s sequel, and unless something changes probably in the next 2 as well. Everything that they can do the knight can better, bar the special Monk Palm thing which is never any more useful than just punching someone or cutting them or blasting then with magic. There is no advantage to being one but a couple of disadvantages. You don’t get persuasion easily, or sneak, or any other combat spec really. Or other boost(Arcane, History, Geography, etc), so no super class like Dragon Rider or Arcane Tattooist unless you know the EXACT bonuses you’re gonna get from EACH interaction.

Unless you mean Life as a Wizard in which case I’ll shut up.

You know classes are not actually created to be OP are creating to explore another choices and see other types of characters. If not everyone would play exactly same. Playing with someone less powerful is fun for some people.


Right, see here’s the thing I have no problem with that. If you wanna be a less powerful character, find do it enjoy yourself. But the problem arises when it’s way, way, WAY easier to be a weaker character for certain classes(or playstyles) and in that game it’s as a Monk. It seems TLH, like most games, really misunderstand what some people consider being a Monk to be. We’re not warrior’s just fighting our fist, or nerfed DBZ characters, or Crouching Tiger acrobats. We’re all of that and none of it. We aren’t less tanky tanks, beefier rogues, or close-range mages. We are the ones who can sneak if we have to, hold the line if we must, and patch up the wounded at the end of the fight. In older DnD what most Monks strove for isn’t Lvl 20 but 8-12 cause that’s where we hit our stride and before we go to the levels of ridiculousness(never being able to die? Really?).

I digress in TLH alot of what makes your character successful isn’t always their combat prowess but their other skills and the friends they make along the way. As a Monk though almost all of the stat boosts you get are combat related with very little other stuff. This means you can’t really connect with your friends unless you’re stupidly honest and straightforward and sometimes not even then. Because you don’t make friends as well in 2 you don’t get major boosts in the ways necessary to succeed as well as a leader, because you don’t do as well you don’t get the endings you want. I had to restart so many things as a Monk in order to be an Arcane Tattooist that the game was no longer fun and that was a stretch. I couldn’t have the relationships with other characters I wanted unless I remembered every slight choice that didn’t go my way and I still never got a perfect world state. Not to mention that as a Monk, so far least, there has never been something that only they can do that could change the entire war like the other classes. One go as a knight? All I wanted. Mage? Same. Thief? Same. Mix of 2? Perfect. Mix of 3? Monk. See how much I had to stretch myself out to get the same endings.

I guess it’s cool to have it in there but for ask that trouble it’s just not worth it. If you bought the game you have all the time in the world to find out for yourself, so have at it.

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Well, In fact I have a girl evil monk with 100 charisma and it was lot of fun really. I mean all depends in how role playing the character. And if I remember correctly I had good sneaking too . I imagine old d&d sneaky monks that were so lethal in first levels lol. Maybe is because all the evil steal killing and that I growing other stats . But it was great.
Edit You are too focused in metagaming management of stats. Oh I have a throw -1 compared with the paladin of x race . I have friends like that I am more for the fun and character dynamics that for a bunch of numbers


Well, since I’m not going for a super class with my monk (2M/1P/1 Seer - perception is useful!), I rather like the bonuses from the karmic wave. And I don’t need a wimpy sword.

In general, the benefit of being a monk is increases to physical stats, perception and unarmed. It’s not useless at all.


Oh yes Monk Storyline is fantastic!! all the temple and the fact of searching balance or not . I felt like in choice of kunfu

Are you talking about a necromancer [My fave], vampire or life of a wizard?

Can you tell me how to become necro pls, my stat 100% evil

You find the Book of The Dead in Part 2. Buy it from the homeless man that approaches you, arrest him, or kill him, and you will receive it, become a Necromancer, and will be able to slowly recieve the perks from it. You get an undead horse mount, a dark spirit called a Shade, and unique options to ressurrect enemies and even allies in order to win fights/battles.


Thanks you very much my friend :wink:

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