List of hybrid classes in Lost Heir 2

Is there a list or something of all the classes in LH 2 that requires you to take two different classes in LH 1? Like paladin that you have to choose priest and knight


It’s been a while, but I do believe that is the only one in LH2.

All others generally either have a single class limit, or stat requirements.

Although there’s going to be a a new hybrid class in LH3- a shadowmage for thief/wizard players with the cloak of shadows.


Thanks for revealing beta secrecy.


When Lucid reveals the list of every new class in open forum, it’s not a secret.

When there’s an entire discussion in the open forum about what classes will be included, Lucid asks for suggestions, and then reveals which suggestions made the cut, it’s really not a secret.


Yet up to this point, no details of the new class were ever revealed to the non beta participants (such as the exact requirement to get the new classes) until this thread.

If people ask, people will answer. :slight_smile:


@Lucid, is there a hybrid class featuring the Monk?

Love absolutely all of your work, by the way. Never tested your games, sad that I missed those, but excited as ever for LH3!

…I apologise, mate. Just had to get that out. You are like Chuck Norris to me. And JimD is Batman.

Not really. But I think you catch my drift. :joy:

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Thanks! No, there is no direct progression from monk. :slight_smile:

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@Lucid Uh, another question. I’ve needed help with this. What are the requirements for an Arcane Tattooist? I’ve created two characters, a Wizard and a Druid, for the specific intent of going with this route, but the teacher always refused me.

Sorry, I don’t give hints, but I’m sure someone will answer you soon. :slight_smile:

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Oh, no worries. I understand. I’m not a Priest, anyways. :wink:

@Damian_Dalesh Got Arcane Tattooist once, just enable “notifications” at the start of the game.