The Lost Heir: Forging a Kingdom Help

Couldn’t find a Steam Guide, so I’m asking here. Figured this is the appropriate place anyways.

How do you become a Necromancer? Also, what’s a good way to make a High Perception Wizard? It seems impossible.

Not sure how to become a high-perception wizard but to become a Necromancer you need a decent religion skill so that when you meet the beggar you recognise the sign he makes then take the evil book from him (either by paying or murder) don’t sell it do any rituals that it offers (undead horse etc.) and then when it comes time to pick your master/prestige class choose to continue studying the book. Also goes without saying you need a good magic skill so I’d recommend going for an evil priest/priestess. Hope that helps.

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It does indeed. Bah, I should’ve known one would need high Religion. Thank you, mate.