Lost Heir 3 Help

So, I’m at the Zombies card game event with Gale. I am a Necromancer with 100 Magic and Arcane. If I cheat, will I get caught?

Yes, because you need 75 or 80 stealth to not be caught cheating. With your Arcana, you can win without cheating.

No, at least not immediately. Gale always cheats at cards, so she’ll get you through the first round. But you’re on your own after that, unlike Bran Gale’s not a Zombies expert and won’t stay in the game long. But yeah, you’ll be forced to play fairly after eliminating Poppy or Synden.

@achtungnight But, as @Urban stated, I could also just Arcana my way through fairly the whole game?

Yes, you can win playing fair.

Yeah, but if you want to cheat… I was answering your question.

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I skimmed over your answer too quickly. Thanks for the help, guys. It’s much appreciated.

Can anyone tell me how to load my games? I’m having trouble with that.

The option should come up at the start of the game. You need to have LH2 characters saved to your email. If the input box for the email doesn’t come up try reloading the game by closing your window app and then open it again.

You won’t get caught, if you have less than 60 stealth and not have Gale there your character won’t risk cheating and just play fair. If you play fair and have more than 60 Arcana/you’re a seer/guard lvl 2+ or have Bran there you get instant win, otherwise it will be random whether you win or lose and who will get knocked.

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Yeah, that’s the first round. You win that round, you can choose to eliminate Poppy or Synden. Otherwise it’s random whether it’s one of them, you, or your pal who is eliminated. To win the final round of the game you need 1 Seer Level, 4 Guard Levels, or 80 Arcana iirc. Or I think 80 Stealth if you’re cheating. If Bran is in the game they will still give you the special prize even if you lose (1 in 2 random chance if you fail the win checks).


I have them saved, but they won’t load.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what the problem is then. Try a technician, sorry.

Thanks for trying though! :slight_smile:

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