Lost heir 2 how do I romance bran successfully as a female player if possible?

I have tried multiple times but they all seem to end with bran wanting to leave the courting, so is there a way to romance him perfectly? is there also benefits or something for romancing him?

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You probably need better Relationship. Bran likes high Good & Charm if I recall correctly. You also need to avoid a few pitfalls. Sneak into the jail successfully (70 Magic for Divination, same Charm if you buy Guards drinks, Threat and let go or bribe at worst if you lack Charm, or high Stealth & Devices / Gale are needed to research the jail. Then you need high Devices, Perception, or Gale to get through the door quietly) so you don’t kill more Guards than Bunta breaking out your friend. Follow the above suggestions, no other methods they’re dangerous. Next- don’t bother hurting the 4th Faction in the Diplomacy section because that’s a big Bran loss if you ask him who’s against you and then kill or beat up the dissenting Nobles. Threaten is ok (40 Charm & Strength) or High Perception & extra days so you don’t need to ask Bran, but this adds Evil too. I’m not sure how much Charm and days it takes to win them over by just spending time. If you have extra Good though Threats are probably the best path. Next spend time with Bran on Demihuman Diplomacy Missions- other party members are of more benefits and it’s only +3 per mission but every little bit helps, strike balance. Also be a just ruler, high Citizen Rep vs Fear, they like that. Finally and this is the counterintuitive part- don’t come on too strong. Starting out as a political alliance and then only getting sexy at the waterfall (hottest sexy scene imo) with “you don’t have to go” worked for all the characters I’ve succeeded with so far. Erika the Paladin was most recent female- she had max Charm, Citizen Rep, Strength, Archery and Blades (Squire, Priest, Cleric, Knight) and extra Good to threaten Nobles + Perception for jail entry (Gem of Seeing from LH1 is enough).


I will definitely try this thanks!

No problem. You need any more help, just let me know. For Lost Heir Romances, you generally need a character like the one you’re wooing, or one with good Charm. Of course, Relations are the key.

Actually you have any tips on creating a demon summoning bard?

I’m working on a FAQ for LH1 that will help quite a bit with that, expect to see it on gamefaqs.com in a few months. If you can’t wait, well, you want good Amos Relations and Willpower (obviously), also good combat bonuses from outside the Class (Magic or Archery are probably easiest to gather). Bards naturally get high Charm & History, decent Arcana, & good Devices or Perception. You can boost all of this with later stat increases, I recommend becoming another Class at second and subsequent levels if you like (your preference)- I think the best Bard bonus comes with only 2 levels in the class. Good luck and stay spoony.

You can also check out this thread. The Lost Heir Guides

There’s a build there for Bards that gets all the LH1 Artifacts, modify it slightly for Demon Summoning (miss one Artifact for that) but maybe still get the second if you can grab Gale instead of Petra).

I’m not really sure about demon summoning but my main character started as a bard with some devices stat and later got most of the artifacts and became a ranger. Later in LH2 I became a priestess and focused on raising my magic and became an elemental archer (I guess you could choose demon summoner instead of elemental archer). When you get 100 archery and 100 magic you should be able to beat almost all enemies, but if you want to play LH3 make sure your Strength/Endurance are high too cause you’d need at least 55-60 of everything there or you’d lose a lot of humanity.

To put other responses simply either you gotta have above 70 “Good” stat and if you’re evil you must have 70% Charm. Make sure he likes you, tbh take him on every mission, and never forsake diplomacy or tradition/honor. Should be good.

The benefit of successfully romancing Bran is the Army Morale will get a boost if I recall.