The Great Tournament Guide

I tried the game and it is fun. the story is good.

here is what i have so far in game

The great tournament *easy mode
Check all make int + 2

Fun and exciting
Smart but foolish
Wait For perfect moment to strike
Pick sure

Play darts
*Do not pay 1 gold gold for double points trust me, just hit last shot
Play drinking game
Order more drink to make it fair then let the ladies go first
Pretty random i think *if you get the concoction just cough it out
Eat *this will increase hp.

Intervene makes you fight the kid

Tell her the truth
Tell him what happened

why not hung over
Sounds interesting
Check it out

Sneak in then climb the wall
Melee tournament then choose team name
Enjoy festivities, He is skilled +1 teammate
Go look for party
Weapon shop, Go talk to carver+1 teammate
Game stands, Yeah im serious +1 teammate
Food Stalls, Talk with big kid +1 teammate
Discuss strat choose loose formation but play to win
practice, then rest
Sword and shield, move forward, defense, help varys

pick good at standing and slingshot warding off wild animals
some kind of strategy
*I chose to have full conversation, you can choose to remain silent

I read book to increase INT more, you can choose different one

*Courting or not
Court Beautiful horse, Sure, 1st option, Doubt selling horse, be courteus
Hold and kiss her hand *if there is no point in dipplomacy this option wont show
Look for permission

Playing as a nobleman
Picked Nobleman’s outfit
invited by princess
2nd house(nobleman’s house not your name)
Play along, The second, North,

I kind of not know yet how the game stats progress so i cant provide how will the other option affect the stats.

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