The Great Tournament 2 guide

Anyone with a guide as to Great Tournament 2? I’ve been encountering difficulties and currently playing on the Prince storyline.


This link might help you :slight_smile:

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Already tried it, didn’t quite have the answers I wanted so I came up with this.

It seems I get creamed a few times as well as seemingly making a few wrong decisions

What outcome you want to obtain ? :wink:

Best possible as a good guy.

The prince route is after marrying Hannah right ?

well… i faintly remember i support Hannah in however i could, defeat Lady Antonia and lead expedition against the Barbarian Lands and defeat all of them … and stay loyal to our marriage , that suppose to be the best outcome as a good guy :slight_smile:

Basically be a good husband and do whatever Hannah ask you to do :wink:

Also couldn’t find out who was really behind the assassination or how to win the war properly.

I’m also aiming for the best ending with Light side.

Does anyone have tips on battles? My strategy right now is to just do everything else (shoot fireball, form phalanx etc) and then order everyone to attack. Is there a better strategy, what should I attack with in battles? If anyone has tips on surviving glory of valera or 1 vs 1 combat please share them. Looking for any help I cna get, thanks!

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I am doing the same, shoot fireball and arrows first , then charge, i think i won every time like that


Yeah sure thing, thanks.

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