Best of Us is Out Now!

My latest game “Best of Us” is slowly rolling out!
As with Lords of Aswick, I will be keeping track of all the applicable direct links as the game releases on different platforms. Hint me on links if I’ve missed something.

Apple iTunes
Chrome Web Store
Google Play

Post-release feedback, discussion, and any bug reports are welcome in this thread!


Congrats; I always enjoy your titles - is this particular title going to be released on Steam? I always try to support everyone there too.


Yes, there should be an incoming Steam release.

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I just posted those links in the old beta thread you beat me lol!

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Also the first buy on the web store to boot!

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hope so, I read on the last “Best of us” forum and it sound really awesome, but that might be because I’m a superhero nerd


@Goshman I just bought it through the Play Store, installed the app and made a shortcut for it, but instead of being titled by the actual name the text below the icon reads ‘INSERTINSERTINSERT’ (and that is also what the game-title is shown as when I open the app.) It looks kinda funny, but I don’t think that it’s what’s supposed to happen. I’ll uninstall and reinstall it to see if the problem magically goes away or something…

Edit: It still does the same thing. It’s shown by the proper name in the Play Store though.

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probably a bug, happened to me last time I tried to by a COG app which was frustrating

Cool, maybe I’ll try it when I have a bit more time.

If this means you’re now going to devote your full attention to the Golden Eagle, after an appropriate break of course, I’d be very happy as that one is currently one of my absolute WIP’s on this forum.

might go away, it might not no one will ever know…

Any chance for the Lords of Aswick being on Steam too?


We’re limited in the number of games we can release to Steam. We are only slowly releasing the back-catalogue on Steam, and I’m not sure how many of those with be past Hosted Games releases.


that’s a bummer, but I can wait and see what happens in the future if they do go on stream

So the answer is: There’s always a chance.

Then cue Vincent Price’s evil cackling from Thriller.


Well done @Goshman - I am really looking forward to settling into a hot copy of Best of Us one evening soon.
:thumbsup: :grin: :thumbsup:

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I was disappointed when I didn’t see LoA and BoU on Steam. I ended up picking them up for android instead.

Can you patch to 1.0.1? Are you still experiencing this?


Perfect time for a nice, long superhero story. I know what I’ll be doing tonight

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Torilla tavataan! Perkules! Laughed a bit too hard at that :smiley:


@Goshman you have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to this game! I’ll be buying this tomorrow and then vanish from social existence for awhile.

Congratulations on another successful game!

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