Idea for an Alien game

Much like Friday the 13th (this is if someone could get the rights to an Alien game) it would be cool if there was a game where one player would play as the Alien, and 6 or 7 players would be survivors on the ship. Different map locations could include the Nostromo, Hadley’s Hope, Sevastopol Station, etc. Different playable characters could be Ellen Ripley, Amanda Ripley, Dallas, Parker, Lambert, an pretty much anyone who had been in an Alien movie or game. Special Characters like Ellen Ripley (special because she is the most popular Alien character) could be something you have to pay for just so people can support the game and get something from it. Different Alien types could be the Xenomorph (default) Neomorph, Deacon, and the Alien Queen. You could even include a Predator as paid DLC, and possibly even the Predalien from AvP. A cool separate game mode could be Alien vs Predator, where there is an Alien, a Predator, and a few survivors. After all the survivors have been killed/escaped, The Alien and the Predator would fight. I know that it is likely a game like this is not going to be made, but I thought I’d at least share the idea

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