Alien/Space Adventure

Hi guys, So i’ve been thinking about a possible CoG/Hosted game that right now don’t know the name but you could tell me possible names in the comments, and unlike my other W.I.P’s this one will survive. The discription is that in the year 2015 Earth was attacked by aliens which made goverments take responsibility and destroy the aliens and then when humanity was close to losing (the aliens had better weapons,armor,ect) the alieans, reasons unknown, left. Now it is the year 3000 you are in your mid 20’s and after humanity evolved into very hi-tech land the aliens come back and now you have joined the battle against these filthy aliens there will be two parts to this game if i decide and you guys decide you want it. :smiley: also you joined the army because you lost all your family

if you want more description ask

Carnt wait mate love the concept and idea

As a name what about

Last stand

I’d choose a unique name that can be searched indefinitely and draws people in.

The Return, or Finis Ultimus.
I like alien games and i would really love to see where this is going:)

i was thinking Apocalypse but you guys tell me if you want this and give me names

also can you make choice games on ipads or androids?

Yes but dont ask me how to :wink:

darn cause i use my ipad/android all the time now cause my computer’s al glicthy and buggy and i don’t have enough money to get it fixed :frowning:

@Marajade is the expert on making games on her phone. She may have some tips if you ask her.

@werewolf123101911 Is your computer glitchy with a hardware issue, or with a software one? If it’s a software issue, I’d suggest trying one of the online tech support forums. I’ve found them absolutely fantastic for fixing glitchy computers, and best of all it’s free. They’re generally really good at rooting out what the problem is and telling you how to fix it in steps simple enough for anyone to understand. It does require a lot of patience though and a lot of time. I can’t actually remember which forum I used, but looks pretty good.

You marajade shore is an expert

thaks @FGF but the computers still buggy and dont let me go on it i’m used to my tablet but i dont know alot of things about coding,posting,ect.

Oh it won’t even load? Is it a hardware issue then?

Marajade will show up and help I’m sure, or send her a message. She’ll be able to tell you how to do those things.

yeah but thats why i want to do it on my tablet. i sent @marajade a p.m hope she answers :\

She will answer